PMP Training Value for Employee

Value of the Project Management Training (whether or not the PMP® certification exam is performed) for the employee.

It provides training (in the case of the examination, accreditation, globally recognized) of its professional competence to direct complex and / or large projects, facilitates the fulfillment of the established requirements for the management of projects in different environments and types of projects , Facilitates the development of the professional career within the company and increases its value in the company.

Value they will contribute to the company (whether or not the PMP® certification exam is carried out).

If a professional is not qualifying for PMP training, he can enroll in CAPM prep course.

It will ensure that it has competent personnel for the management of projects of medium size or of great dimension and complexity, innovative character or risk, in different countries (where the Project Management Institute training of the Project Management Institute is already extended) fulfilling the requirements of the client.

It will provide training on project management that organizations worldwide (World Bank, Eurocontrol, NATS, DFS, EADS, British Aerospace, Adeslas, RENFE, Telefonica, Naturgas, REE, Unión Fenosa, More to their teams and the companies that work with them.

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The companies that have these teams of Project Managers will have teams that will have training (and accreditation, if appropriate) with a public recognition of the competence of their professionals to conduct projects of great demand both for themselves and for external clients.

Training as Project Manager and Accreditation as PMP® in a Company.

After getting PMP certification and learning the project management theory and practices, you can train other employees in the company for the PMP exam.

Learn more about PMP certification and project management in master of projects site.


Getting a Job in Motor Repair

So, you’re considering a career as an engineer in motor vehicle repair – what are your next steps?

You’ve thought and re-thought about this career, and you know it’s for you. You know you have a great eye for detail so you can successful tackle problems and tough challenges. You know you’re a hard worker and you’re flexible, recognising issues before they arise and handling them quickly so the vehicle you’re working on can be road-ready as soon as possible.

You might have even taken up qualifications to give you an edge when you look for jobs – great! That may definitely help when you’re applying. And, the most important aspect of all, you know you’ve got a full, clean driving licence – in this industry, you really can’t get by without one.

So, what’s next?

Finding a job – and finding a career – is hard in itself. With a job as an engineer in motor vehicle repair, your career doesn’t have to stop there. With the right training and experience, you could work your way towards a senior engineer, supervisor or manager – or run your own business.

Many garages have a need for engineers in this field, without repair technicians vehicles just can’t run, and your skills and experience are needed to – literally – keep people moving.

What other skills do I need?

To apply for jobs you’ll need to be good at talking to customers to find out further details. Adapting to new technologies is also an advantage, as new vehicles and their systems present themselves to engineers each and every day.

Staying on top of deadlines and finding faults while juggling hard challenges can offer an experience that no other industry can give you. Engineering in motor vehicle repair offers great prospects and provides a varied work environment where no two days are quite the same.

How do I apply?

Start your career today. Find a job on Top Engineer and submit your details and CV. If your skills and expertise match what the employer is looking for, they will be in touch to discuss your application further.

Good luck!


Why CCNSG Training Course is Necessary

Times have changed and health and safety laws have been amended in order to preserve the rights of the workers. In industries, manufacturing, and processing, in particular, risks of getting severe and fatal injuries are quite high. In order to eliminate such risks and keep the workers safer, CCNSG safety passport holds a significant place.


Anyone who will complete the CCNSG Safety Passport training course should have the knowledge in order to:

  • Explain Health and Safety law and permits to work
  • Outline safe working practices relating to scaffolding
  • Outline safe working practices for access and exiting
  • Describe accident and first aid procedures
  • Explain fire precautions and procedures
  • Define COSHH and personal protective equipment
  • Explain the theories of Manual Handling
  • Outline noise procedures and practices
  • Define the regulations for work with cranes and heavy equipment
  • Outline the excavations procedures and practices

When you are working in manufacturing or processing industry, you need to have the basic knowledge of health and safety laws so that you can keep yourself safe from potential injuries and avoid any dangerous situations. In some states and companies, it is a requirement to have the CCNSG safety passport in order to start working on the site. A CCNSG safety passport is a photographed plastic passport and it is the size of a credit card. The benefits of this card are immense. The holder of this card is preferred over candidates who don’t have this card.

Maintaining the health is an individual responsibility and companies cannot design their work hierarchy that suits all the employees. This is why it becomes important to get the training so that you can survive in difficult situations. There is no restriction of age or experience on anyone looking to get this training. A typical CCNSG Course is only of 2-3 days where the basic knowledge of the work and safety procedures is provided. After the completion of the course, a test session is conducted in order to test the knowledge of the individuals. Once they have successfully completed and passed the test, they are awarded the CCNSG safety passport. It is worth mentioning here that CCNSG safety passport is valid for three years. However, after 3 years, it can be renewed.

For all those looking to work in manufacturing or processing industries, CCNSG passport will provide value added benefits. You will be aware of the work procedures prior to the commencement of the work. You will be safer as you will have the basic knowledge of the safety procedures. There is no point of avoiding this training when you can learn so much and keep yourself safe. There are different institutes operating in England. However, before getting yourself enrolled in any of the institutes, please make sure that the institute you are preferring is approved by the ECITB.


Top Reasons to Consider a Career in Auditing

Today, students can choose from millions of careers that offer great salaries, but there are few that offer many opportunities for advancement and additional pay with experience. Auditing is one career where you can have a direct hand in the dealings of many companies, and your work can often help save a company millions simply by catching a mistake or theft. While few big-budget movies glorify the career of an accountant, this is one of the most dynamic and interesting careers you can possibly choose for yourself.


Auditing is a complex career, and you will have many different responsibilities on your plate throughout a given work day. Many auditors take this as a challenge. Auditing is a process involving the review, analysis, and evaluation of products, systems, services, processes, organisations, and employees. Additionally, auditors are responsible for the validity, accuracy, reliability, verifiability, and timeliness of organisational information, as well as the processes and sources through which that information is created.

When you get audit jobs in Malaysia, it is important to understand how critical your role is within the company, because external parties and management receive assessments of the organisation through your stewardship. Auditors also inspect the internal controls of an organisation and the extent to which these controls manage the organisation’s exposure to risk. Internal controls work to prevent theft of assets and, if properly executed, prevent data manipulation by the hand of the employees.

Finally, auditors ensure that checks are in place to help retain the overall effectiveness of financial and operational reporting. You will also be responsible for making sure that controls are in place to protect the assets of the organisation at all times. You are thus a very important person working in the background, checking numbers, actions, assets, and risks to ensure that the organisation is protected from loss, theft, and more.


The personality of an auditor should include a strong ethical framework and a willingness to report issues, or anticipated issues, as they are discovered. There may be a temptation to “let it go,” as further investigation may reveal embarrassing processes or performance, or even fraud. It is thus a good thing to strongly believe that nothing should be overlooked so long as you are responsible for the protection of your company.

Good communication skills allow auditors to remain effective by keeping lines of communication open and clear. You must be able to build rapport with a wide range of employees, directors, managers, and external parties. Remember that these relationships should not interfere with the objectives of the audit, such as the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, and verifiability of information.

It is not common for a company to employ just one auditor, and you must be good at working with a team to ensure optimum results. The scope of an audit can quickly grow complex and large, and it is beneficial to help in other areas of an audit when resource constraints require it. The more you do for yourself right now, the more likely you are to see better results later on, especially because you cannot afford to make any mistakes in this type of position.


The Most Exciting Job Prospects in Malaysia

Finding a great job is sometimes a struggle. You need to develop a set of skills and work experience that businesses are looking for. You then have to find a business that’s looking for your specific skill set and experience. After all of that, you still have to compete with other job candidates who need the job as much as you do. There are many reasons people find the job hunt to be frustrating and unsuccessful. However, if you are smart about the search and methodical about your approach, you can minimise the amount of stress. One of the best ways to find a job is by inverting the process. Instead of developing skills and then going in search of businesses that need those skills, you should begin by searching for skills that businesses need. Once you figure out what they need, you should gain the requisite skills and experience. There is one specific department that all businesses need to populate: accounting.

All Businesses Need Accounting

Depending on the size of the business, accounting can range from balancing a checkbook to managing an entire department. No matter the size of the business, however, they all need accountants. Accounting is simply handling the numbers of a business; that can include inventory and sales, but usually it is limited to payments and taxes. Every business needs an accounting department because every business deals in a lot of numbers. The inventory, sales, taxes, expenses, and much more are all in the purview of an accountant. Every business has at least a few of these expenses.If you enrol in an accounting course in Malaysia, you can make yourself very attractive to potential employers.

There are niche markets that need different kinds of skills, and you could find a lot of success pursuing one of them; however, if you want to be universally appealing, you should take an accounting course. This will not limit you to any one particular business or business field.

Globalised Need

In addition to being attractive to essentially all businesses in Malaysia, accounting makes you attractive to companies all over the world. The universal demand is due two things: every company requires accountants, and numbers don’t change. The language in Malaysia is different than the languages in Morocco or Mumbai. However, the math is the same. When you add numbers, calculate sales, and figure percentages, they are the exact same all over the world. Math is a universal language; therefore, anyone who speaks it will be highly sought-after all over the world. You can get your training in Malaysia and work in a great job there; also, it will make you prepared for jobs of all different kinds anywhere that you wish to live.

If you are going to look for a new job or even your very first job, you should consider developing skills that businesses are looking for, as opposed to looking for businesses that want what skills you may have. Accounting is a skill that businesses need. It is also a skill that you can learn and translate anywhere. If you learn accounting in Malaysia, it will be applicable all over the world.


10 steps for writing a high quality essay

It can prove incredibly tricky to deliver an essay within the confines of strictly set parameters and even further still, to craft such a piece into high quality results. Here are ten helpful steps towards writing a high quality essay.

Step One: Know your subject

A high quality essay is one that demonstrates a wealth of relevant background reading and research. An assignment writing service can provide accounts of background information to the level of detail and specificity that you require.

Step Two: Elevator pitch your argument

The ‘elevator pitch’ is a sales technique which involves summarising an argument into a condensed, short and concise format. An essay writer service can collate and disseminate your ideas, which may be overwhelming, into something more manageable. This can help in both the organisation and final write-up stages of your essay.

Step Three: Explore exemplar work

Access to previous work on the topic of study or interest can be difficult. However, in using an essay writer service, you will have such access to examples of high quality work that has been tailor-made to your area of study or interest.

Step Four: Be critical

It can be difficult to be critical of sources of information, especially when a subject or topic is new. However, an assignment writing service can support this skill by providing a critique of background sources, which can help when developing an argument.

Step Five: Avoid repetition

An essay writer service is a useful tool in helping to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls of essay writing. By providing model answers and tailor-made essays, this service offers a chance to consider how to effectively maintain your argument without repeating yourself.

Step Six: Explore the other side

Even the most considered and innovative arguments will require an exploration of alternative viewpoints. An essay writer service can offer the alternative perspective that you may need in developing your high quality essay.

Step Seven: Even out your focus

As with exploring other views on your topic, you will need to maintain balance in your work.

Step Eight: Extend your vocabulary

It can be tiring to track through your essays and ensure that the language is of a continual high standard. By employing an essay writer service, you will have the opportunity to deliver work that reaches the highest standard, communicating your ideas appropriately, effectively and with eloquence.

Step Nine: Keep the tone interesting

Writing in a formal and academic fashion may seem a chore – and this is often communicated through the tone of the essay. By employing an essay writer service, you will have the benefit of a fresh approach to a subject area that you might have long become bored by. An essay writer can offer a new and enthused approach to communicating your argument.

Step Ten: Edit, edit and final edit

The high quality essay is without flaw. However, it is always hard to spot those little mistakes that word processing might not have picked up. An essay writer service can provide editing for your essay to take it to the highest standard, as it becomes a flawless piece of work.


Essentials for writing a good dissertation

At last is finally time to begin your doctoral dissertation, you’ve completed hundreds of assignments, joined a committee and passed all of your examinations now all you have to do is finish one last paper and you will be a fully fledged doctor. Chances are that by now you have completed a few lengthy writing assignments you may even have gotten something published. However, the dissertation is different because it will be presented in front of your peers. This can add another level of difficulty to the writing process and question: “Who can write my dissertation for me?” often crossed students’ mind. Indeed, there lots of work to be done. You are going to do both science research and a lot of science writing, because dissertation is an extended piece of writing which lengths vary but on average are usually 10,000 words long.

One common misconception about a doctoral dissertation is that it is final definitive work of your academic career. The reality is that a PH.D dissertation, although a very important part of your school career, is not the last paper you will ever write. In fact, it may very well be the first of many important written contributions that you make to your field of study. Before you start writing it is important that you take this into account.

Find the right supervisor

The role of the supervisor could be hardly underestimated. The dissertation supervisor is there to guide you through the process of your research project. Your supervisor may or may not have taught you before, but what’s certain is that he or she has experience in doing a dissertation (or maybe two) before and will be able to help you with yours.

Most courses do their best to allocate a dissertation supervisor at an early stage. (If you don’t hear anything after the first few weeks back at university, contact the person leading the course to see if you’ve missed something or a problem has arisen.)

Having the right supervisor for your dissertation is high priority if you want to get the best out of you. If you’re having trouble with an unresponsive, unreliable and unapproachable supervisor, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a change. However, you must keep in mind that this has to be done during the early stages of the process, and that you need to justify your requirement with a valid reason. You need a supervisor who will provide you with detailed feedback any time you need.

Collecting a data

For most research projects the data collection phase feels like the most important part. However, you should avoid jumping straight into this phase until you have adequately defined your research problem, and the extent and limitations of your research. If you are too hasty you risk collecting data that you will not be able to use.

Consider how you are going to store and retrieve your data. You should set up a system that allows you to:

  • record data accurately as you collect it;
  • retrieve data quickly and efficiently;
  • analyse and compare the data you collect; and
  • create appropriate outputs for your dissertation e.g. tables and graphs, if appropriate.

There are many systems that support effective data collection and retrieval. These range from card indexes and cross-referenced exercise books, through electronic tools like spreadsheets, databases and bibliographic software, to discipline-specific tools. You should talk about how you plan to store your data with your supervisor, an information librarian, or a study adviser in the Learning Development. As you undertake your research you are likely to come up with lots of ideas. It can be valuable to keep a record of these ideas on index cards, in a dedicated notebook, or in an electronic file. You can refer back to this ‘ideas store’ when you start to write. They may be useful as ideas in themselves, and may be useful as a record of how your thinking developed through the research process.


It comes as no surprise that many people become overwhelmed with the prospect of presenting their dissertation. In fact an overwhelming amount of graduate students never complete their dissertation. The two main reasons for this are procrastination and stress. The good news is that it is easy to overcome these two things if you know how to focus and work on your writing discipline. By practicing good time management skills and improving on your organization you can be more successful. Though, you should not surrender there is a professional help that is always available ( ). The most important thing that you need to know before you begin the writing process is that dissertation writing is not easy but it is well worth the effort. Remember that even though it is a large project, it is only the first of many. If you finish it and are well evaluated then chances are you will have a fantastic career in your field of study. Getting to the point where you are ready to write your doctoral dissertation is a great accomplishment.


Management consulting: A Rewarding career choice for MBA aspirants

Management consulting is one of the most sought after career by MBA graduates. Management consultants help companies improve their overall performance through a variety of measures.

The role of management consultants include analysing the problems of the organisation, accordingly develop plans to solve them, maximise growth, generate revenue and profit, cut costs and improve the overall business. Consultants and consulting firms use their business acumen to provide focused advice and help firms come out of the red.

Mainly, management consultants are hired to advise companies. Consultant services are not only required in private sector but also in government departments and public sector organisations.

To be management consultants, candidates need to have an aptitude for business development, strategic planning, client handling and working in a team among various others.

Here are some points on why management consulting is a rewarding career choice for an MBA aspirant:

  1. Broad area of expertise

Management consultants have a broad area of expertise. This broad horizon is one of the factors that makes this career attractive and rewarding. They can advise every department of the organisation – marketing, operations, Human Resource, Information Technology and so on. They consult large firms, top multinational clients and so on. Issues could range from improving company profits to assessing problems in current order of work.

  1. Innovation

Another factor that makes management consulting an attractive career is innovation. Consultants have to work on a variety of projects from a variety of industries. In each scenario, consultants have to think of innovative solutions to manage the business successfully. Solutions can range from getting the right team players, or putting the correct strategy in place or setting up a new technology.

  1. Personal development

Management consultants meet new clients, new problems and new industries on a daily basis. This them an immense opportunity to enhance their own profile / CV and develop critical interpersonal skills such as listening, negotiating, team-building, training and so on. Also, consultants constantly travel, thereby exploring a lot in the process.

  1. Specialisations

A management consultant can opt to specialise across a wide range of domains such as sales and marketing, finance, business strategy, operations, human resources, e-commerce, supply-chain, information technology, and so on. Candidates can also choose not to specialise in any category and be general business consultants. However, top management consulting firms tend to hire domain specialists.

  1. Research and development

A lot of research and data analysis goes behind each decision taken by management consultants. Typically, consultants conduct detailed analysis, conduct meetings with clients and client’s employees and prepare business proposals. All these require detailed analysis and innovative thinking.

  1. Remuneration

After graduating from top business schools in India, a management consultant earn anywhere in the range Rs 10 lakh to 20 lakhs. The pay scale and other benefits only gets better with experience.

These are just six of many reasons on why management consulting is a lucrative career. Now let’s take a look at the daily activities of a consultant.

Available Work

It is very difficult to describe the average day of a management consultant. It depends on client and the project. It could involve individual effort or working with a large team. Some of the typical responsibilities include research, data collection, data analysis, client meetings, developing business proposals and so on. Experienced and senior consultants spend more time in formulating solutions, recommendations, managing projects and so on.

The ability to multi-task is extremely crucial in this profile. Candidates should be able to manage a million tasks at one go. Developing a strong network base is also crucial in this profile. Consultants also need to know excel sheet and PowerPoint well. They should be able to make presentations in front of a crowd which can include your team members or unknown clients. Projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to few years.

Here’s a list of top consultancy firms in India (not ranked in any specific order):

  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Bain & Company
  • Accenture
  • McKinsey & Company
  • AT Kearney
  • Booz & Company
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • Tata Strategic Management Group
  • IBM
  • Cognizant
  • Cap Gemini
  • Oliver Wyman
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

In future, management consulting will further evolve with changing times. As the world of business evolves, so will consultants. Currently, the industry is focusing on industry-relevant specialisations. Eventually, consultants will need to have expertise over a wide range of domains and be constantly updated with the market trends.

However, there’s a flip side to everything. Management consultants are constantly travelling and are always meeting with clients. There’s no particular office hours. Candidates must be flexible with timings and willing to sacrifice. Consultant’s job also means meeting tough deadlines on time, going through immense stress, pressure to perform well and so on.


Outsourcing your degree

With the astounding success of Tim Ferris’ 4-hour workweek in 2007, the outsourcing has become a buzz word and more widely employed practice among independent-minded people. While so many people get inspired by the book to outsource everything from their business tasks to routine things in daily life, suddenly the new modern concept of efficiency and intelligent time management comes becomes more widely accepted. We were taught in schools and by our parents that good student and professional employee is the one who knows how to do a wide variety of things and does them. “If you want to do it right, do it yourself” has been a motto of diligence and responsibility for years. At the same time, the business developments of last 50 years or so demonstrates that those companies who learned to intelligently outsource routine, laborious or resource rich tasks, have gained considerable advantage over competitors.

Now outsourcing production, customer support and operations to third-world country isn’t anymore a practice frowned upon in the business world. But why should it be something forbidden in a daily life of ordinary people, leaving it as privilege of big corporations? Think about all the tasks that an average American needs to do in everyday life, and how much we’re already outsourcing to services that wash our cars, cook our hamburgers, fix our appliances, design our personal blogs, etc. Outsourcing routine task in our everyday life allows us more time and energy to concentrate on things that are really important for us.

And here comes the question of education. Is this a domain where outsourcing can bring benefit to a student, or would it still be gravely unethical practice? This is a complex question. Tim Ferris himself admits hiring freelancers and personal assistants to conduct some research on his very book on outsourcing. This in no way means that he is not the author of the book. He had a vision of what needs to be researched, what data collected, what people contacted, what arrangements made, and just hired someone else to do the tedious work while he is doing the creativity, talking and analytics.

Now think about your college courses and see, do all of the subjects, tasks and assignments make sense to you? Do all of them expand the skills that you will need for your future profession? Or maybe some of them consume your time, you are stuck in having to do things you have no inspiration about, or you have no talent in, and you don’t even see how you can use those skills in future, while still having to waste your energy and time on these meaningless tasks? In recent years educational process in best colleges has been reformed into more efficient and practical, but still the curriculum is full of subjects that do not make sense for all the students.

Just because everyone is different, and while one person is interested in one subject, the other one would be terrified by the prospect of having to study it. There is answer to this dilemma provided by some web-based services. Custom writing service providers offer their expertise in conducting research and writing research papers on variety of educational subjects, relieving the students from the time-wasting obligations and allowing them to concentrate on really meaningful and inspiring subjects without the risk of low grades. Some dogmatic educationists would say the practice is unethical. But the practice exists as long as shortcomings in educational system exist, filling the academic time with “fillers” that make no sense to students or are not up-to-date with professional requirements of the time.


A Positive Impact in Your Work Environment

Four-year college degrees aren’t for everyone and that’s a good thing! Intelligent people with the knowledge and skills to work on plumbing, heating, construction, automobiles, electricians and many other hands-on trades can expect to earn good salaries and be in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 17% to 34% growth in jobs by 2020 for hands-on workers according to its May 2012 Report. The same report shows annual wages can reach more than $70,000 in some fields! With that much invested in workers, companies will do well to invest further by providing training to get the highest proficiency levels possible from each of their workers.

Training to keep up with newer techniques and technologies helps make sure workers have the skills to use the best tools and methods for quality performance. Constant updates increase the need for training. For example, the auto carburetors of yesteryear have long been replaced by fuel injectors. Technology is so fast moving it is hard to keep up with it but a superior training institute is your best bet to providing the newest and latest to keep you and your workers moving forward with reduced downtime, increased energy savings and improved efficiency methods learned by proven methods presented by knowledgeable instructors.

The most effective training occurs when all workers are prepared with the same knowledge and exposure to innovative ideas and practices. A company that comes right into your facility is a cost effective, efficient method to reach all your workers. By checking out the official website of several training companies, like American Trainco, you will quickly learn the advantages and positive outcomes of well-run, pertinent training.
Ideally, the training company will offer individual attendees of the training teachers who are real world professionals with experience and expertise in the subjects they are presenting. The teachers should also be great presenters who know how to engage their students and keep their attention for optimum learning. The attendees of the training should be able to walk out of the training onto the jobs and immediately make a positive impact by using their new-found understanding. It’s easy to check out the track record of the company offering the training, so make sure they have the experience and testimonials to back up their claims.