Benefits During & after Completing MBBS from Kazakhstan


For many Indian students, the dream of becoming a doctor feels almost out of reach due to the shortage of seats in medical colleges and fierce competition in NEET and other entrance exams This is where MBBS in Kazakhstan emerges as an attractive and compelling option for aspiring medical professionals.

The MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree program in Kazakhstan allows students to begin their medical career without excessive debt or the intense pressure of entrance exams.

Let’s explore the compelling benefits of choosing Kazakhstan for your MBBS journey during your studies and after graduation.

Benefits DURING MBBS studies in Kazakhstan

·         Affordability: Kazakhstan generally offers one of the most affordable options for obtaining a recognized MBBS degree. Tuition fees and living expenses tend to be lower than in many private medical colleges in India.

·         Straightforward Admission: The admission process for MBBS in Kazakhstan is less competitive than India’s NEET-based system. This can be a major advantage for students seeking quality medical education without the intense pressure of entrance exams.

·         Global Exposure: Studying in Kazakhstan allows you to interact with students from diverse backgrounds and get exposed to different healthcare systems and medical practices.

·         Practical Training: Many medical universities in Kazakhstan emphasize hands-on training and clinical exposure, providing opportunities to develop practical skills alongside your theoretical knowledge.

·         Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan: There are many NMC approved top medical universities in Kazakhstan which offers quality education. Here are the list below:

v  Caspian International School of Medicine: One of the oldest and highly respected universities in Kazakhstan.

v  Kazakh National Medical University: Renowned for its medical education and research facilities.

v  Astana Medical University: A well-established institution offering modern medical programs.

v  Semey State Medical University: Known for its strong academic focus and practical training.

v  Karaganda State Medical University: Another reputable university with long-standing experience in medical education.

Benefits AFTER Completing MBBS from Kazakhstan

·         Globally Recognized Degree: MBBS degrees from recognized Kazakhstani medical universities are valid internationally, including in India (after clearing the FMGE).

·         Competitive Salaries: Doctors with international medical qualifications can command competitive salaries within India and other countries.

·         Career Opportunities: An MBBS from Kazakhstan opens doors to practice medicine in various countries, provided you clear the necessary licensing exams. You can choose to return to India, explore options abroad, or build your career in Kazakhstan itself.

·         Higher Studies Potential: Graduates can pursue specialized postgraduate medical degrees (MD/MS) or research in Kazakhstan or other countries.

Overall, pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan can be a very rewarding option for Indian students seeking an affordable, globally recognized medical education with the potential for exciting career opportunities after graduation.