4 Essential Excel Tricks for Students


Whether you are a student of engineering or journalism, you have to use Microsoft Excel at one point or another. With a multitude of functions and formulae, most students are able to find it useful in their course. However, there are many who still do not know how to use it properly. Lack of knowledge to run this application can be troubling for some. Thus, it is important to get over your fear and use this innovative tool for your studies. This post will help students with some important tips.

  • Recommended charts

This feature enables you to instantly generate charts for the data. It helps in avoiding unnecessary delays while working on this utility. Once a student enters the data in the Excel, he/she can visit the Insert button and press the “Recommended Charts” button. This will show a window that offer the best preferences for the data. If, however, a student still does not find the appropriate chart, then he/she can press the “All Charts” button to view all of them at once and choose the right one. Also, you may like to learn how to Calculate Duration Between Two Times in Excel.

  • Pivot tables

This powerful tool helps Excel users take care of big data lists. A student can use it to explore, analyze, and summarize the data efficiently using this feature. In addition, you do not even need to add any formula in this feature to enter the data. You can use this feature from the Insert menu by selecting the ”Pivot Table” button present there. You will then have to choose your needed range for data. This results in a pop-up window with fields to select from in the sidebar.

  • Transposing feature

This useful feature lets students swap data from the columns to the rows, and vice versa. Instead of copy pasting the data manually, you can use the transpose feature to execute the action without ruining the table. For this, you have to first select a row or column and pressing the copy button. Now, you have to select the column or row where you want to move it. Right click in that particular row or column and press the “Paste Special” button. This should open a window where a “Transpose” button is there. Tick it to enable the feature and let the feature do its work.

  • Analyze Instantly

This feature helps you create instant spark lines, column charts, line charts, and other tables. You can easily apply a table template to create pivot tables, insert formulae, and other algorithms without manually updating them each time. This feature has helped Excel become faster in processing the data for students worldwide.

Thus, you can see that Excel still has tons of features to look forward to in your studies. You can apply these features to your work and improve your efficiency without compromising with the quality. All you require is a good start to improve the workability. You can find professional tips from similar sources online to provide you with features that are more impressive.