What is the Schedule for CAT 2021?

CAT or the Common Admission Test based on the computerized entrance examination. It is conducted in rotation by one of the six designated Indian institutes (IIMs) to get an admission in one of the top IIMs or other highly acclaimed B-schools.

The CAT exam is one of the toughest entrance examinations to crack; therefore, a candidate must have a long-term strategy while preparing for it. A strategic and systematic plan will help the candidate crack this CAT exam. The best practice to do before the exam is to take many CAT mock tests and analyze the result. It is expected that a candidate’s performance will be better if they take a good number of mock tests. Revising essential concepts and formulae is another way a candidate can boost their performance on the test day.

MBA admissions to IIMs depend on the choice of applicants through marks obtained by competitors. This base mark for CAT cut-off is fixed by the IIMs consistently based on the absolute number of CAT qualifiers and the number of seats accessible. The cut-off percentiles of top schools accepting CAT fall between 95-100.

Criteria to apply for CAT exam

  • A candidate should graduate with at least 50% total or equivalent CGPA (45% total for SC, ST, and PWD/DA class) from a recognized board or college.
  • For candidates with awarded grades or CGPA, the conversion of grades or CGPA should be according to the process certified by the university/ institute.
  • Candidates appearing for the last year of four-year college education/ equivalent qualification or anticipating results are likewise qualified to apply for the CAT exam.

According to last year’s analysis, there was an aggregate of 2,27,835 applicants for CAT 2020. In that, 1,90,143 candidates showed up for the CAT placement test. However, 37,692 applicants didn’t show up for the CAT exam last year because of numerous reasons. So the current rate has decreased when contrasted with earlier years, i.e., 83.456%. This year, the expectation is to be more than 2.5 lakh candidates that will apply for the CAT exam 2021.

What is the Schedule for CAT 2021?

This year the CAT exam will be conducted by IIM Ahmedabad on November 28 (probably). The mode of CAT exam is online and is conducted at more than 400 exam centres across India. The registration for CAT 2021 will begin by the 1st week of August 2021. Candidates can fill CAT 2021 registration application through the online process. According to the past patterns, it is expected that CAT 2021 will be conducted in more than 156 cities across India in morning and evening shifts. Selection for CAT 2021 test centres is chosen by the test directing body based on the candidate’s strength in a particular exam centre and their closest proximity to the test centre. The expected month for the release of the notification for CAT exam 2021 is in the last week of July.

Below are the important dates related to CAT 2021?

CAT Exam Events Important dates related to CAT Exam Dates
Release of CAT 2021 notification Last week of July 2021
CAT 2021 registrations start 04th Aug 2021 (tentative)
End of Registrations By September third week, 2021
Release of Admit card Fourth week of October 2021
CAT exam 2021 28-Nov-2021 (tentative)
Release of CAT answer key December 1st week, 2021
Declaration of CAT result 2021 January 2nd week, 2022

To check the CAT exam score and download their result, a candidate can follow given the process.

  • Visit- (official website)
  • Click – ‘CAT login.’
  • Enter CAT 2021 ID and password
  • Click – scorecard tab
  • Download- CAT scorecard

The CAT question paper contains 100 questions in MCQ and non-MCQ design. It comprises Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. The general duration for CAT was 180 minutes, but the length was decreased to 120 minutes for CAT 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, for CAT 2021, it depends upon the assessment authority whether the duration will return to 180 minutes.


College Scholarship Planning 101

College Scholarship Planning 101 from HelloCollege

Creating A Connected Classroom

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Benefits of outsourced bookkeeping services for small business!

Many small business owners are apprehensive about outsourcing tasks like bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting. However, if you don’t have the in-house expertise, hiring a professional outsourced service can be handy. There are many practices that offer bookkeeping solutions in Granbury for small businesses, and here are some of the benefits at a glance.

  1. Expertise counts. Companies that deal with accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning for small businesses have the experience and expertise to avoid unwanted mistakes and errors.
  2. Assured privacy. Contrary to what many owners and managers believe, there is complete privacy for small businesses by these bookkeeping services. You can be assured that no third-party has access to your records and accounts.
  3. Scalability. Another key reason to outsource small business accounting is to bring scalability. Having an in-house team of CPAs and tax experts can be expensive, and as your business grows, the spending will only increase. With outsourced, you can have an extended team of accountants, handling all your bookkeeping needs.
  4. Better use of resources. There is no point of using your internal resources for managing records, accounts, and compliance needs, when a specialized CPA practice can do it all. Your resources can focus on other aspects of the business that need more attention.
  5. Get advice. Whether it is about deferring income and expenses to the next year, or expanding your small business, you can expect your outsourcing accounting team to offer genuine advice on all matters. They can ensure that your company doesn’t end up in tax or financial woes, because of inexperience.

Now that you have figured out the advantages, go ahead and check for firms that work with small businesses and has experience in your niche. If needed, you can ask for references, and do check if they can help with payroll too.



How to learn English with songs

American music has deeply integrated into many nations. It is famous worldwide and probably its popularity is one of the not many things that unite different countries. Whether you like it or not, this is a way of passive English learning. Even people, who have no intention of getting a deeper understanding of this language, getting familiar with a few English words or even phrases by simply listening to the music in the background. Then in such a case why not turn this activity into a comprehensive way of learning English?

What Are The Benefits of Learning English Through Songs?

If you take a closer look at the learning methodologies for small kids, you will notice that they mostly sing in classes. These simple lyrics with rhymes work with children very well. It is much easier for them to remember the words and to recall them as needed. The same technique works with adults, so listening to music can be helpful in many ways.

  • Let’s start with the obvious, it helps to develop listening skills. Even if you are talking for hours with your language teacher or tutor, it will not make that huge progress in your listening perception. But understanding a song is considered as an understanding of a native speaker.
  • If you recognize at least 75% of the song you hear for the first time, be sure you will pass the listening part of your exam with a high score. Try this simple dictation exercise to check your understanding. Turn on the song and try to write the lyrics down. Then just use spelling check services to see how well you get the language, what grammar gaps you have, and what kind of words are misspelled.
  • This is a perfect way to enlarge the vocabulary. Language is a live system. Some words are dying and nobody uses them, some are getting created. Songs are the perfect way to feel these vibes and get acquainted with new slang or the words typical for a certain region or a group of people.
  • Songs are helping to get the feeling of the language. It becomes clear how to apply certain words, in which context, and what other meanings they may have.
  • If singing along is your story, then use this chance to improve the pronunciation.
  • It also helps to catch the cultural background, and understanding of the environment, social context and values is a part of learning the language.

What Are They Singing About?

How many jokes and awkward situations have happened because of wrong lyrics interpretation? Sometimes it is a challenging task even for native speakers to understand what this or that song is about. It may be connected with the voice timbre, tempo, or music genre. If you want to make use of it, you should make some efforts in interpretation, and check out these tips for assistance:

  • Curiosity is the only mechanism that drives you to find out that your favorite love song is actually about love, not about food. Google the lyrics, read them and translate. Yes, it definitely needs time investment but isn’t it nice to sing along with a clear understanding of what you are actually singing about.
  • There are some people, who have already done the job with interpretation for you. Check dedicated Instagram accounts and you will be surprised how many people develop their English studying blog on working with songs and lyrics. They sort the lyrics into details and explain some interesting phrases, idioms, or slang.
  • If you use YouTube for music videos then subtitles will be a great help in understanding the English songs.
  • Pronunciation can be confusing when listening to the song. Even simple words may sound differently from singers. Only regular listening to English content will help you to overcome this gap.
  • Find out the meaning of the abbreviation. Modern English is full of acronyms and this is something you don’t get to know in English class. Figure out the meaning of the acronym as this is an important part of casual written English. This will positively reflect on your communication in general, not just on song understanding.

Music is Funky Way To Learn Serious Stuff

Learning English by songs is a very enjoyable and entertaining process. It doesn’t put any stress on a learner as in most cases this is just a side effect from listening to music, often even in the background. Usually, lyrics are not too long or complicated, which allows getting the general meaning of the song and there is no need to struggle for hours with translation.

Generally, it feels like a unification, when you understand that some other person on another and of the Earth sings the same song and puts the same sense in it. For some people, the desire to understand the song’s meaning is the motivation to learn English itself.

Learning English by song is fun entertainment, which brings huge benefits to language learning, so keep singing!


8 Ways to Make Your Campus Accommodation Feel Like Home

The experience of moving away from home for university and starting your journey is often exciting and exhilarating. However, some may also feel a little homesick due to being unfamiliar and surrounded by new people.

Whether you are one of these homesick individuals or not, you will find that adding some personal touches to your dorm room will make it much cozier and home-like.

Add Some Rugs

One of the easiest ways to make any space feel much cozier and warmer is by adding a rug or two to your room.

Add some fluffy rugs near your bed or at your sitting area to add some comfort and warmth to your room.

Choose colours or patterns that can help enhance your doom room’s liveliness or start with dark colours which can mask the appearance of dirt if you are not sure how to start.

Decorate with Wall Arts

Personalize your room with artwork, photographs, or any other type of wall decoration to make your room a little more ‘you’.

Decorate your room walls with posters or artwork from your favourite movies and artists. You can also add your artwork into this collection. Photo collages work great for this purpose.

Set the Mood with Houseplants

Not only do houseplants work as comfortable additions to any room, but they also help to add some colours into your dorm and freshen the air.

Studies have also reported how houseplants in a study space can improve productivity, concentration, and reduce stress levels. Just remember to take good care of these houseplants to keep them alive.

Prioritize Bed Comfort

It is hard to make any new room feel like home when you can’t even sleep comfortably. Some accommodations come with their own mattresses and bedding, while others do not.

In any case, invest in a comfortable pillow which you can rest on comfortably every night. You will fall asleep much faster and find it easier to grow into your new university life. Memory foam pillows will work great, but so will pillows that you are already using at home.

Bring Some Items from Home

The easiest way to make your room feel like home is to bring some familiar items from home, which you know can bring you comfort.

Bring a plush toy or two, your favourite blanket, or any other similar items. Remember not to bring too many items, though.

You will want to save some space for new items. As you decorate your space with new items and mementos, you will soon have a space of your own, personalised to your liking.

Collaborate with Roommate

If you’re sharing your accommodation with another roommate, you can share and coordinate the space decoration idea together to create a complete look.

After all, it might be weird if only your corner in the dorm is decorated, while the rest of the room is left without any decoration.

If your roommate is up for it, you can then create a cozy living space together. This collaboration would also save time and make it easier to decorate for festive seasons together.

Decorate with Photos

What better way to bring your memories with you than by bringing along some photos of your cherished memories from the past?

Print out some photos that you have with your best friends, family members, or any other loved ones with whom the memories you cherish.

You can also print these photos on canvas materials and arrange them in any shape you want. Alternatively, try pinning these photos on a corkboard, or hanging them up by decorative pegs on string lights.

Add Some Scents

Scents are strongly linked to our memories and emotions, which is why it might be a good idea to bring some essential oils and an air freshener diffuser to add into your room.

You may want to check with your roommates if they are okay with the new scent as well, since some people may be sensitive to smells in general.

For starters, try adding scents such as lavender or chamomile to boost relaxation.


How to take care of educational customer service in 2021?

Today the support teams have a full plate. Customer expectations are rising, while at the same time all parts of the company are exposed to increased pressure to operate more efficiently and with lower costs. The global crisis around the coronavirus pandemic has only raised the stakes – it has never been more important for support leaders to show how great the value their team is.

Customer expectations are rising

This should come as no surprise: customer expectations are higher than ever. As consumers, we know very well how high our expectations are – we want fast, personal 24/7 support.

While 73% of support leaders say customer expectations of their team are increasing, less than half (42%) believe they actually meet those expectations.

In a world where buyers have dozens if not hundreds of choices, businesses need to get customers what they want or risk losing out to the competition. Support leaders found this the biggest challenge for their team, meeting customer expectations (18%) as well as increasing workflow efficiency (14%) and helping their agents manage the conversation (13%).

The customer experience is still a secret

We are approaching 2021 with the same mandate we had before. We need to educate the business world about what Customer Experience really means. In addition, we need to demonstrate how much customer experience is changing in each industry.

Even as 2021 approaches, too many people say “Customer Experience” when they actually mean “Customer Service”. Too many executives view the customer experience as something they can train their employees to do without seeing the bigger picture and not building the required customer-centric culture, processes and technology.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources for companies to keep them up to date on customer service strategy and best practices. Historically, Rutgers University has operated a customer service program for working professionals. However, it was suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus. The need for education and “translation” about what a client experience means in terms of organizational design, budgets and strategy continues to be paramount in this field.

Customer service education is essential to keep up with customer experience trends in 2021. We know customers will be watching us closely as they wait for us to do the right things. We need to know how to do the right things.

Your customer service strategy will determine your success in 2021

In 2019, 78% of customers preferred to use different channels depending on the context. Addressing that preference seamlessly and consistently is not an easy task for any brand. So how can you provide customers with what they need and want in 2021? For starters, organizations need to have a context in which they can build seamless travel. The customer service strategy provides the necessary context. In fact, the customer service strategy is the first step to business survival in 2021, especially for big organizations and iconic brands. That is why it is so important to prepare a good strategy for the whole year, which will allow you to act calmly even in crisis situations. We do not know what this year may bring, but with the experience of 2020, we can prepare for any eventuality.

Chatbots go to work for clients and agents

When customers need to contact them, chatbots deliver faster solutions to their queries while reducing the overhead for frontline agents. Modern chatbots can independently sort problems, direct customers, and even answer routine questions.

The business impact is impressive: Companies using chatbots are 60% more likely to report drastic improvements in problem resolution time, and 30% more likely to report drastic improvements in customer satisfaction. Moreover, support teams using chatbots are 27% more likely than those that do not claim to be able to meet growing customer expectations.

Companies that already use chatbots are doubling the benefits they see – they are almost four times more likely to continue to invest in automation. Today, customers will settle for quick, personal responses, and with chatbots (also social media chatbots), support teams are able to provide them with the self-service experience it provides.

Websites are experiencing a renaissance

The site is back. This is really not surprising. It is interesting, however, how slowly brands react to consumer behavior. We’re already approaching 2021, but there are sites that haven’t been updated.They lack useful customer-centric communication about the Covid experience that consumers can expect in the physical spaces of their preferred brands. But customers need this information to keep trusting their beloved brands.


In order to take care of customer service in 2021, you need to prepare a good action strategy. The key is strategic, comprehensive and automated activities. However, the most important thing is to treat each client as an individual and individual problem. Thanks to which you will build a relationship and customer trust.


Good Benefits in Empowering Talents Through Effective Training

Many companies nowadays are already practicing to engage their talents in different training and development activities. Every company needs to understand its importance. Once you understand these activities’ goal, you will know the great impact of it on the talents behind the company. You will take it seriously because you will be aware of its big effect in achieving the company’s goal and turn it into reality. The known great benefits of these activities are:

  • New Learning and Development of Skills
  • One of the top benefits of attending our employees to training are they will gain new learning. As we know, there are many fast changes that are happening to our society, from trends to the people’s needs and wants. Through giving them the opportunity to be trained, we are also giving them a chance to discover new learning, discover and develop their skills. That is why we need to engage them in project management training courses to help and guide them.
  • Improvement of work performance
  • Once an employee was given the necessary training, it will help them understand their work responsibilities and their role in the company. Through their knowledge and awareness of it, they will surely improve their performance at work.
  • Build confidence
  • When an employee was given an opportunity to be engaged in different necessary training, it shows that we are helping them learn. Once they have learned and been motivated, they will surely possess confidence at work.
  • Awareness on quality standard
  • Once an employee is fed with necessary information about work performance, they will surely understand how important the quality of work we should do for the company. In this way, we can achieve the target and goal of the business. By giving importance to small things and making better decisions in difficult situations, the business’s operation will run smoothly.
  • Consistency
  • A consistent training program for the talents of the company will surely give a great benefit to the work performance of the employees. Through it, they will be consistent in giving quality results of work and fruitful productivity. Surely, they will be consistent in giving good and productive work.

These are just some of the great benefits of engaging our talents in effective learning and development. It just proves how training amazingly creates a great impact on the whole operation of the business. That is why we need to invest in empowering our talents because they are the ones who are doing the operations of the business. Once we give them the love and care they deserve from the company, they will give it back double on what we have provided to them. Also, once they are equipped with knowledge and skills, no doubt that the business will face its victory and reach its goal.


The Idea Of Game Based Learning Is Now Increasing Among Individuals

Right now, with the COVID pandemic taking a quick turn, it is becoming really difficult to actually know where the world is about to go right now. Learning has been stagnant for quite some months now, but the educational system cannot take a complete halt. Therefore, online classes are now taking a front seat. It is not fun to stay at your home, away from your friends, which make learning online pretty boring. But not anymore with the idea of game based learning online. Now, kids get the opportunity to learn new things, but not in a conventional way but in a more fun-filled manner.

A perfect way to make your child smarter:

You must be wondering why you need to support the idea of game based learning. Well, this is one proven way to make your child smarter. You must be wondering how and that’s when you need to get to the details. First of all, you must learn what exactly game based learning means. Gaming is always proven to be quite entertaining and it helps to make learning pretty fun. With the help of expansive Ed tech industry and its growth in recent times, it is a known fact that online learning is the next big thing to focus at.

Adding technology to the art of learning:

Technological integration into the field of learning has shown some of the most remarkable shifts of all time. Nowadays, learning has moved right from blackboards to mobile devices and desktops at home. So, adding a bit of gaming impression won’t be that big of a change. Students will come to learn new things daily and won’t feel bored as they are gaining knowledge in a fun-filled environment. So, next time you are looking for the best learning experience for your child stuck at home, game based option is of first priority.


How to Pivot Professionally

Many adults decide their professions when they are at the end of adolescence, a time of deep discovery; however, many people also find themselves in very different places down the road and lacking fulfillment from their work. If you are someone who is looking for a career that fulfills and satisfies you, you are not alone. You don’t have to remain stuck in your same job forever, and instead, you can take charge of your professional life and pivot to something more satisfying with these tips.

Assess Your Current Skills

Understanding how to get to where you want to be will require an assessment of where you currently are. If you are trying to transition to another career, you first need to take an inventory of your skills, knowledge and talents. This can help you identify what gaps you need to fill as you look to transition.

Evaluate Your Purpose and Passion

If you are looking to find work that is more fulfilling, understanding what motivates can be incredibly useful. As you look to develop a deeper connection to your work in this transition, evaluate your purpose, what you are passionate about and what has driven you to this next chapter of your life. If you can understand what motivates you, you use this to find truly meaningful work.

Ask Others

If you find that you are struggling to make a decision about what direction you would like to take your career, consider enlisting the help of others. Asking to hear other people’s stories can help provide context and influence your trajectory. Whether you ask to chat with a colleague, set up check-ins with a mentor or read about a student spotlight online, you can explore how others have gotten to the fulfilling path that they now find themselves on.

Do Your Research

As someone who now has some experience under their belt, you have additional resources, information and possibilities ahead of you. Use everything that is at your disposal to help you determine your next career move. Whether you research professions online, conduct an informal interview with your network or consult a mentor or career coach, you need to do your research to learn more about all the options in front of you.

Consider Your Options

When you are looking to make this pivot in your professional life, know that there are nuances in each career field. You can use this to dissect careers down to the most minute detail to find the right fit. Not every degree or profession leads to a definitive path and you have options within your desired field. Every profession has a prescribed path and offshoots, such as in the case of social workers and alternative social work careers. Know that you can find a job that encompasses many of your interests, passions, work styles and goals without having to settle.

Many professionals find themselves looking to make a change down the road. Not only is it possible that you want to find work that is more relevant to your current stage in life, but you may also have different goals, interests and passions than you did when you first chose your career path. It takes some time, research and reflection, but with this, you can find your right fit.