Outsourcing your degree

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With the astounding success of Tim Ferris’ 4-hour workweek in 2007, the outsourcing has become a buzz word and more widely employed practice among independent-minded people. While so many people get inspired by the book to outsource everything from their business tasks to routine things in daily life, suddenly the new modern concept of efficiency and intelligent time management comes becomes more widely accepted. We were taught in schools and by our parents that good student and professional employee is the one who knows how to do a wide variety of things and does them. “If you want to do it right, do it yourself” has been a motto of diligence and responsibility for years. At the same time, the business developments of last 50 years or so demonstrates that those companies who learned to intelligently outsource routine, laborious or resource rich tasks, have gained considerable advantage over competitors.

Outsourcing your degree

Now outsourcing production, customer support and operations to third-world country isn’t anymore a practice frowned upon in the business world. But why should it be something forbidden in a daily life of ordinary people, leaving it as privilege of big corporations? Think about all the tasks that an average American needs to do in everyday life, and how much we’re already outsourcing to services that wash our cars, cook our hamburgers, fix our appliances, design our personal blogs, etc. Outsourcing routine task in our everyday life allows us more time and energy to concentrate on things that are really important for us.

And here comes the question of education. Is this a domain where outsourcing can bring benefit to a student, or would it still be gravely unethical practice? This is a complex question. Tim Ferris himself admits hiring freelancers and personal assistants to conduct some research on his very book on outsourcing. This in no way means that he is not the author of the book. He had a vision of what needs to be researched, what data collected, what people contacted, what arrangements made, and just hired someone else to do the tedious work while he is doing the creativity, talking and analytics.

Now think about your college courses and see, do all of the subjects, tasks and assignments make sense to you? Do all of them expand the skills that you will need for your future profession? Or maybe some of them consume your time, you are stuck in having to do things you have no inspiration about, or you have no talent in, and you don’t even see how you can use those skills in future, while still having to waste your energy and time on these meaningless tasks? In recent years educational process in best colleges has been reformed into more efficient and practical, but still the curriculum is full of subjects that do not make sense for all the students.

Just because everyone is different, and while one person is interested in one subject, the other one would be terrified by the prospect of having to study it. There is answer to this dilemma provided by some web-based services. Custom writing service providers offer their expertise in conducting research and writing research papers on variety of educational subjects, relieving the students from the time-wasting obligations and allowing them to concentrate on really meaningful and inspiring subjects without the risk of low grades. Some dogmatic educationists would say the practice is unethical. But the practice exists as long as shortcomings in educational system exist, filling the academic time with “fillers” that make no sense to students or are not up-to-date with professional requirements of the time.