PMP Training Value for Employee


Value of the Project Management Training (whether or not the PMP® certification exam is performed) for the employee.

It provides training (in the case of the examination, accreditation, globally recognized) of its professional competence to direct complex and / or large projects, facilitates the fulfillment of the established requirements for the management of projects in different environments and types of projects , Facilitates the development of the professional career within the company and increases its value in the company.

Value they will contribute to the company (whether or not the PMP® certification exam is carried out).

If a professional is not qualifying for PMP training, he can enroll in CAPM prep course.

It will ensure that it has competent personnel for the management of projects of medium size or of great dimension and complexity, innovative character or risk, in different countries (where the Project Management Institute training of the Project Management Institute is already extended) fulfilling the requirements of the client.

It will provide training on project management that organizations worldwide (World Bank, Eurocontrol, NATS, DFS, EADS, British Aerospace, Adeslas, RENFE, Telefonica, Naturgas, REE, Unión Fenosa, More to their teams and the companies that work with them.

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The companies that have these teams of Project Managers will have teams that will have training (and accreditation, if appropriate) with a public recognition of the competence of their professionals to conduct projects of great demand both for themselves and for external clients.

Training as Project Manager and Accreditation as PMP® in a Company.

After getting PMP certification and learning the project management theory and practices, you can train other employees in the company for the PMP exam.

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