Why CCNSG Training Course is Necessary


Times have changed and health and safety laws have been amended in order to preserve the rights of the workers. In industries, manufacturing, and processing, in particular, risks of getting severe and fatal injuries are quite high. In order to eliminate such risks and keep the workers safer, CCNSG safety passport holds a significant place.

Table of Contents


Anyone who will complete the CCNSG Safety Passport training course should have the knowledge in order to:

  • Explain Health and Safety law and permits to work
  • Outline safe working practices relating to scaffolding
  • Outline safe working practices for access and exiting
  • Describe accident and first aid procedures
  • Explain fire precautions and procedures
  • Define COSHH and personal protective equipment
  • Explain the theories of Manual Handling
  • Outline noise procedures and practices
  • Define the regulations for work with cranes and heavy equipment
  • Outline the excavations procedures and practices

When you are working in manufacturing or processing industry, you need to have the basic knowledge of health and safety laws so that you can keep yourself safe from potential injuries and avoid any dangerous situations. In some states and companies, it is a requirement to have the CCNSG safety passport in order to start working on the site. A CCNSG safety passport is a photographed plastic passport and it is the size of a credit card. The benefits of this card are immense. The holder of this card is preferred over candidates who don’t have this card.

Maintaining the health is an individual responsibility and companies cannot design their work hierarchy that suits all the employees. This is why it becomes important to get the training so that you can survive in difficult situations. There is no restriction of age or experience on anyone looking to get this training. A typical CCNSG Course is only of 2-3 days where the basic knowledge of the work and safety procedures is provided. After the completion of the course, a test session is conducted in order to test the knowledge of the individuals. Once they have successfully completed and passed the test, they are awarded the CCNSG safety passport. It is worth mentioning here that CCNSG safety passport is valid for three years. However, after 3 years, it can be renewed.

For all those looking to work in manufacturing or processing industries, CCNSG passport will provide value added benefits. You will be aware of the work procedures prior to the commencement of the work. You will be safer as you will have the basic knowledge of the safety procedures. There is no point of avoiding this training when you can learn so much and keep yourself safe. There are different institutes operating in England. However, before getting yourself enrolled in any of the institutes, please make sure that the institute you are preferring is approved by the ECITB.