Three popular nutrition courses


1) Weight loss / weight control

As anyone in the health and fitness community will confirm, any successful weight loss regime has to have a solid foundation in the kitchen. Losing weight requires more than just hard time spent in the gym, and this type of nutritional guidance gives participants the chance to fuel their body at critical times in a weight loss program. This will usually include the preparation of meals that are low in calories, but an emphasis is also placed upon getting the right sort of calories in terms of proteins, saturated fats and carbohydrates.Three popular nutrition courses

2) Sports performance

These nutrition courses are crafted to a particular type of sport or activity, and they recognise the role that the right nutrition can play in high-level performance. A weightlifter will be shown how to maintain a healthy body fat percentage, while also providing protein and carbohydrates for muscle growth and recovery. At the other end of the scale, endurance athletes (marathons, triathlons) can be shown how to eat the right kinds of foods before a race – usually a range of carbohydrates that release a regulated amount of energy over a long period of time.

3) Healthy eating for life

This is a more general type of tuition, and these nutrition courses provide individuals with a number of recipes that promote general wellbeing for both adults and children. They usually recognise the fact that there is nothing wrong with treats in moderation, and the main emphasis is placed upon working within a tight budget and time constraints. The end result is the ability to prepare nutritious meals in a busy working home, and they are also a great way to introduce younger people to cooking – family-oriented courses will establish healthy cooking habits at an early age.