Different Types of BBA Specialisations in India

BBA degree

A BBA degree is a three-year undergraduate course in business management offered by universities and it is one of the most popular undergraduate courses among students. The BBA programme offers information and training in management and leadership abilities, to prepare students for managerial positions and entrepreneurship.

The BBA programme serves as a springboard for a wide range of employment options in a variety of fields, including, to name a few, education, marketing, Sales, finance, and government. A BBA course also has specialisations that help students in deciding what field they want to choose in their management career. To know more about different BBA specialisations read further.

Different types of BBA specialisations

A BBA enables individuals to acquire additional BBA skills with a concentration on a particular industry, which is highly advantageous, especially when applying for jobs or placements. There are different BBA specialisations in India, they are as follows-

1. BBA specialisations in finance

Students who have a knack for maths and strong analytical and reasoning skills can consider specialising in finance in their BBA. Getting a managerial role in the finance department would be a wise career choice because it is one of the considerably essential departments in an enterprise.

2. BBA specialisation in aviation management

BBA in Aviation is an undergraduate degree course that focuses especially on the principles of business operations, communication, economics, security, etc. in the aviation industry. The study of airports, business, airlines, and every other facet of the aviation sector is covered in this subject. Students in the course are also taught how to manage teams and other managerial abilities.

3. BBA specialisation in Entrepreneurship

With a BBA in Entrepreneurship, you can launch your own business. The students attain a comprehensive knowledge of commencing a business from scratch as well as the regulations and laws that must be adhered to.

Students who wish to enter and expand their family businesses should seek a BBA in Entrepreneurship.

4. BBA specialisation in marketing

The majority of businesses offer goods or services, and to do so, they must market their products or services. You can get an executive-level job in a marketing company with a BBA specialisation in marketing. If you want to be successful in marketing, you must have strong interpersonal and sales skills.

Executives in marketing earn a nice living. Marketing experts obtain numerous bonuses and benefits in addition to a competitive salary. As a result, many students choose to specialise in this field.

5. BBA specialisation in supply chain and logistics

The importance of the supply chain in a manufacturing organisation cannot be overstated. A manufacturing company that has a poorly managed supply chain can never grow. The management of the supply chain in a manufacturing organisation is the focus of this speciality. Students pick up knowledge about packaging, manufacturing, supply, and other topics.

Since a company’s success depends on its ability to manage its supply chain flawlessly, supply chain managers are among the most in-demand employees in the sector. They are also compensated with high pay and benefits due to this demand.

6. BBA specialisation in human  resource

A BBA in Human Resource Management is also one of the most-liked ones and it will teach you how to manage an organisation’s workforce and find talent on their behalf. You can acquire a decent career in middle management with this specialisation.

To handle the expansion and the need for employees as industries expand, there will be a greater requirement for HR specialists. Some of the highest-paid employees in a company are in human resources, and they are vital to its operation.

7. BBA specialisations in business analytics

BBA specialisation in business analytics is a bachelor’s degree programme. The course teaches practical analytics-related methods and abilities. Students who get a BBA in business analytics are also prepared to use and understand a variety of analytical tools.


Hence we can summarise that there are various types of BBA specialisations available that you can pursue to excel in specific management fields.

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1. How many types of specialisations are there in MBA?

There are numerous MBA specialisations available that you can pursue. They are as follows-

  • MBA specialisations in general management
  • MBA specialisations in operational management
  • MBA specialisations in strategy
  • MBA specialisations in finance
  • MBA specialisations in management consulting
  • MBA specialisations in entrepreneurship
  • MBA specialisations in Marketing
  • MBA specialisation in information technology
  • MBA specialisations in human resource management
  • MBA specialisations in healthcare management
  • MBA specialisation in international business
  • MBA specialisations in supply chain and logistics
  • MBA specialisation in real estate

2. Which MBA specialisations have the highest salary?

There are varied MBA specialisations that offer high salary packages. They are as follows-

  • MBA specialisation in entrepreneurship
  • MBA specialisation in information technology
  • MBA specialisation in finance
  • MBA specialisation in management
  • MBA specialisation in marketing
  • MBA specialisation in real estate
  • MBA specialisation in international business

3. Which MBA specialisation has more scope in future?

MBA specialisations that have more scope in future are-

  • MBA specialisation in information technology
  • MBA specialisation in finance
  • MBA specialisation in healthcare management
  • MBA specialisation in marketing
  • MBA specialisation in international business