Buying Educational Toys for Your Child


Children love playing with toys. Studies have shown that children who start playing with toys from a very early age often have better imaginations and are more creative. As children’s minds grow, they begin to make sense of the environment around them. Understanding colours, shapes and numbers is important so that they are able to understand the things around them. You should start buying educational toys for your child from a very early age. The main purpose of buying a toy is to give your child something that they can spend time with.

However, apart from gifting remote controlled cars and other toys, why not give your child something that they can actually learn from? Toy companies such as Playhive Toys actually manufacture a number of different types of educational toys for children of all ages. Here are just some of the many different educational toys that you can buy for your child.

Clock Shape Sorter Clock

The wooden sorter clock is one of the most innovative toys for children between the ages of one and three. As your child continues to grow, they will begin to realise that items have a specific shape. The sorter clock comes with a series of differently shaped blocks with numbers on top. They include common shapes such as rectangles, squares, pentagons, and circles. The blocks must be placed in the right boxes for them to fit properly. Not only will your child learn about the numbering on a conventional clock, but they will also be able to develop a sense of shapes. The number blocks come out, and you can also teach your child to arrange the blocks in a numerical order.

Alphabet Wall Hanging

Teaching the alphabet to your child is the first step towards learning to read. The alphabet wall hanging can be placed in the child’s room. Each letter is delicately embroidered on a chart that can be hung on a wall. Each object contains a unique object that corresponds to the letter. This will help improve your child’s learning and their phonetics. The child will not only learn about letter recognition, but will also be able to understand the beginning sound of many different words. When it comes to literary activities, this wall hanging is an excellent thing.

Wooden Animals Magnet Set

Learning about the many different animals in this world is obviously very important. The wooden animals magnet set comes with a metallic canvas, so your child can place all the animals on the canvas. The animals are created with a lot of attention to detail, so your child will be able to recognise all the common animals seen in Australia.

Construction Straws

Want to teach your child how to build something? Giving them a set of construction straws is a great option. These construction straws can be bent in a variety of different shapes. Your child will be able to make a whole host of different shapes using the available guides.