Essay on Euthanasia: International Law Aspect

Euthanasia is an unsolved dilemma of the modern world, and your essay on this topic may be a little contribution to the solution of this issue. However, to complete a good essay you need both: facts and analysis. We can provide you with the facts which will act as a basis for your writing. A few ideas for analysis can also be found here. However, if this is not enough, you may just go to

Attitude to Euthanasia and Types

An attitude to euthanasia was and remains different based on historical and geographical factors. There are two kinds of euthanasia that should be differentiated in your essay: active (when a doctor gives a patient medicine to cause an immediate death) and passive (when a doctor stops giving a patient medicine except for the painkillers). In the countries such as Switzerland, countries of Benelux and in some states in the USA some kinds of euthanasia became legal from 2009.

First Try to Legalize Euthanasia

In your essay, you may go to roots and tell about the first try of the legalization of euthanasia. It happened in the USA, in 1906, but the government of Ohio was not ready for this, so the offer was not approved. Only in 2001, in Netherlands, both kinds of euthanasia were legalized. The Netherlands were followed by Belgium, Luxemburg, and Switzerland.

Three Doctrines

The right to life and euthanasia are contradicting each other, and this actually creates the dilemma to be considered in an essay. Therefore, there are three approaches to the issue.

  • The first claims that euthanasia evolves from the right to life.
  • The second states that euthanasia should be strictly prohibited.
  • The third one specifies that this may only be the decision of the patient.

In your essay, you may elaborate on every of the approaches, or choose one to support.

The Legal Definition

The definition of euthanasia in terms of law is the following: this is an intentional action or absence of actions of medical workers with the aim of stopping the struggles of a patient resulting in their death, in conditions, when a patient asks for this, is in consciousness and understands their actions.


In your essay, you may also mention that there is a Declaration About Euthanasia that was approved in 1987 in the capital of Spain. Moreover, the International Pact about the civil and political rights there is a notice that no one’s life can be taken on purpose, since the right to life is an inherent one of any person. Furthermore, an attention should be paid to General declaration of human rights approved by UNO, which claims that the right to life is secured by the law.

Different Countries – Different Views

The perspective of your essay may be defined by the attitude of your country’s law towards the issue. For example, Sweden and Lithuania experienced euthanasia cases. In most of the countries, such actions are either prohibited or not taken into account in the law. In Spain, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Poland, and others, one will face a criminal punishment for such actions. In Russia, Kazakhstan, and Tadzhikistan the killing due to euthanasia will be punished not that severely in comparison to the regular murder.


Based on the course of writing of your essay, a conclusion may differ. We offer the following ideas for summing up your essay.

The qualification of the phenomenon of euthanasia is mainly influenced by the governmental decisions, mentality and the historical epoch. However, the main factor is a humanity. However, from the other side, this issue may be viewed from the point of the struggles of a deathly ill person, who dies slowly and experience a huge pain. Therefore, a common effort of the world community should be made to take all the factors into account and find the best possible solution to this moral dilemma.

And what is your suggestion for this problem? You have a whole essay to state your point, so feel free to do this with the help of facts we have provided you with.


Analysis of Schooling in the USA

Here you will figure out how the system of secondary education and schooling in the USA works.

A School in the USA

In this article, you will get to know how the system of secondary schools in the USA works. Take a look at if you need general information about the creation or functioning of a school. However, to write an essay about schools in the USA you will benefit from the following information provided.

Two Approaches to Creation of Schools

There are two different thoughts about founding the first public school in the America.

  • One people say that the first free school was created by the Dutch in New York.
  • Other people think that the earliest one was founded in Massachusetts in 1635.

Each school in America is governed by the state, which is independent in all matters.

The Process of Learning and Teaching

Commonly in the USA pupils study in school six or seven months a year. However, in some schools, there is a scheme of forty-eight weeks, which are divided into twelve quarters. It gives a possibility for a child to pass exams earlier when he/she needs to. Also, there is a big problem of professional shortage. The young generation does not extremely want to become professors and teachers. The majority of them want to be innovators and developers, but not tutors. By the way, the teacher’s profession is not very attractive because of financial aspects. The only big benefit is a long vacation offered and paid, but this is not always enough to motivate more people becoming professionals in the field. That is why American government tries to modernize all the process.

Specifics of an Elementary School

When talking about the structure of an elementary school we should tell that the common school in the United States enrols pupils from the first grade through the eighth. Then, the pupils go to the higher school to learn four more years. Of course, there are people who want to reduce the amount of studying grades to six ones, but the majority still normally attends eight grades’ school. In the elementary school, all pupils have a single curriculum. Its main idea is to give children the basic understanding of the world in general sciences. Besides, there are schools with science specialization. For example, in one school may be one class of linguistic direction and the other one of mathematic specialty.

The High School

The junior high school education lasts for a period of 7 to 9 grades and gives pupils a possibility for variety of specializations. Here children can take subjects that they will need in future. For example, they can make a choice of different crafts, art, music, electricity, drama or foreign languages. The senior high school starts in the tenth grade and finishes in the twelfth. In this period of time, children may choose subjects, which they need to prepare for the entry tests to their further Colleges and Universities. After leaving the senior school pupils need to get a diploma to apply for studying in universities. The junior college is about two additional years of studying for the one who wants to get some skills or master some craft. All of us imagine schools in the USA like a place where children can wear whatever they like, eat sandwiches and attend different classes. However, despite the common misperception of such reality, American schools have a number of advantages and disadvantages, as anything in this world.

An Analysis of the Reality and the Need

Unfortunately, the curriculum is created for the teachers. The knowledge to the young minds comes from the adults’ understanding of the world. And that is a problem. Even if children have breaks and do not wear school uniform, they still need to learn something they do not want. It is a common situation when a person with a linguistic mentality has problems with a subjects related to Math.

Generally, in the system of secondary education of the USA there are some pluses, some minuses, and some points that needs to be re-evaluated and updated. However, like in the majority of other systems, everything depends on the pupil’s knowledge and the amount of efforts spent to succeed.


Top Reasons to Consider a Career in Auditing

Today, students can choose from millions of careers that offer great salaries, but there are few that offer many opportunities for advancement and additional pay with experience. Auditing is one career where you can have a direct hand in the dealings of many companies, and your work can often help save a company millions simply by catching a mistake or theft. While few big-budget movies glorify the career of an accountant, this is one of the most dynamic and interesting careers you can possibly choose for yourself.


Auditing is a complex career, and you will have many different responsibilities on your plate throughout a given work day. Many auditors take this as a challenge. Auditing is a process involving the review, analysis, and evaluation of products, systems, services, processes, organisations, and employees. Additionally, auditors are responsible for the validity, accuracy, reliability, verifiability, and timeliness of organisational information, as well as the processes and sources through which that information is created.

When you get audit jobs in Malaysia, it is important to understand how critical your role is within the company, because external parties and management receive assessments of the organisation through your stewardship. Auditors also inspect the internal controls of an organisation and the extent to which these controls manage the organisation’s exposure to risk. Internal controls work to prevent theft of assets and, if properly executed, prevent data manipulation by the hand of the employees.

Finally, auditors ensure that checks are in place to help retain the overall effectiveness of financial and operational reporting. You will also be responsible for making sure that controls are in place to protect the assets of the organisation at all times. You are thus a very important person working in the background, checking numbers, actions, assets, and risks to ensure that the organisation is protected from loss, theft, and more.


The personality of an auditor should include a strong ethical framework and a willingness to report issues, or anticipated issues, as they are discovered. There may be a temptation to “let it go,” as further investigation may reveal embarrassing processes or performance, or even fraud. It is thus a good thing to strongly believe that nothing should be overlooked so long as you are responsible for the protection of your company.

Good communication skills allow auditors to remain effective by keeping lines of communication open and clear. You must be able to build rapport with a wide range of employees, directors, managers, and external parties. Remember that these relationships should not interfere with the objectives of the audit, such as the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, and verifiability of information.

It is not common for a company to employ just one auditor, and you must be good at working with a team to ensure optimum results. The scope of an audit can quickly grow complex and large, and it is beneficial to help in other areas of an audit when resource constraints require it. The more you do for yourself right now, the more likely you are to see better results later on, especially because you cannot afford to make any mistakes in this type of position.


Children Who Are Musically Inclined Can Take Advantage of Their Talent by Going to a Great Music Academy

Everyone loves music and when you have a child who loves music so much that you think he or she may want to make it into a career, it is good to know that there are schools that can teach him or her what he or she needs to know to be successful. Even if he or she is merely interested in singing or playing an instrument for fun, it is easy to utilise the services of one of these schools because they work with all types of would-be musicians from singers to violinists to pianists and guitar players. Even if he or she has never before touched an instrument or sang a note, these music schools can teach him or her because above everything else, they have highly qualified and expert teachers who know all there is to know about the musical world and are anxious to teach it to their students.

The Right School Makes a Difference

Whether your child wants to sing or play an instrument, there are music schools that offer him or her a great program that not only teaches the basics but pushes him or her to excel through personalised classes and one-on-one music lessons, enabling him or her to fully explore and grow the talent that is already there. These schools offer group and individual classes and concerts that enable students to gain confidence and learn to perform for the public and they do all this mostly through short summer camp-type sessions that give them just the right amount of exposure to this exciting hobby. If they want singing lessons in Singapore for vocal training, they can get it, and if they want to play drums, cello, or any type of brass instrument, they can get that as well. If they love and want to practice music, they can get what they need through these schools, giving them the head start that they need to improve.

All Genres Are Accommodated

If the student wants to learn pop music, classical music, or any other form of music, a personalised curriculum can help him or her accomplish this. Many of these music academies have more than one location to make it convenient regardless of where you live, free trials given in your home to whet your appetite for more, dozens of highly qualified and professional teachers, and the space to accommodate thousands of students each and every month. The camps are offered throughout the year so they are convenient for everyone and they are a lot of fun so that the students don’t lose interest in them. Regardless of their level of experience or their interest, they will both learn a lot and enjoy their time at these schools, making it a win-win situation for both students and parents.

Music academies work wonders when it comes to teaching young people how to sing or play an instrument and the classes are easy to enrol in and easy to afford. Researching the schools is easier if you start online but regardless of how you start your research, it is good to know that these schools are professional, competent, and a lot of fun for their students.

Kids Education

The Importance of the School Uniform

In many areas of the world, school uniforms are a hot topic of debate and controversy. Fortunately, most Australian schools require uniforms and no one is questioning the benefits of this fact. However, some do not question it simply because it is the norm and they fail to understand just how much uniforms do for their children as they grow and develop. Uniforms provide more benefits than even some school administrators understand and you could do to learn exactly why that is the truth.

No Competition

Today, there is more pressure for teenagers to meet fashion standards and stay ahead of constantly fluctuating trends than ever. However, school uniforms take the competition out of dress, at least while the children are at school. In the past decade, there has been a marked increase in the flamboyance of the everyday outfitting of school-age children. In some neighbourhoods, it is trendy to wear the price tag on the garment to show how much it cost as a sign of wealth or status. What you pay for something is the status symbol. The pressure to dress “right” and the peer pressure to perform and conform is incredibly strong.

School uniforms manufacturers create beautiful, functional, and uniform garments designed to help children take the pressure off of themselves to dress right and focus on the more important factors of life. Students are less immersed in the need to keep up with today’s trends. Therefore, it has been found that children who wear uniforms to school often perform better in regard to their grades, create more and longer-lasting friendships, and generally feel less stressed while at school.

Focused Learning

Uniforms have a helpful levelling effect in school systems where there is economic diversity. It can be costly to dress children in the latest fashions, or even at all in some circumstances. On average, residents of the United States, a country whose uniform policies are specific to private schools, spend USD$300 on their children each year. Converted to AUD, that is $397.61, a steep price to pay just to ensure that growing children remain in fitting clothing. However, uniforms cut this cost down dramatically. With less worry about what you spend and more focus on your child’s academic standing, you can help him or her find better opportunities to learn and grow.


Uniforms place students on equal footing. No matter if two children have completely different backgrounds going into school, they wear the same uniform, putting them side by side as equals. Therefore, students are less likely to form specific groups or single each other out, allowing for a more peaceful experience for students. For parents with children who just grew old enough to go to their first classes, it can be stressful to consider what school might be like for their children. However, a beautiful new uniform and a great school district should allow you to enjoy peace of mind while they grow mentally and physically into well-grounded adults ready to make their marks on the world.


The Most Exciting Job Prospects in Malaysia

Finding a great job is sometimes a struggle. You need to develop a set of skills and work experience that businesses are looking for. You then have to find a business that’s looking for your specific skill set and experience. After all of that, you still have to compete with other job candidates who need the job as much as you do. There are many reasons people find the job hunt to be frustrating and unsuccessful. However, if you are smart about the search and methodical about your approach, you can minimise the amount of stress. One of the best ways to find a job is by inverting the process. Instead of developing skills and then going in search of businesses that need those skills, you should begin by searching for skills that businesses need. Once you figure out what they need, you should gain the requisite skills and experience. There is one specific department that all businesses need to populate: accounting.

All Businesses Need Accounting

Depending on the size of the business, accounting can range from balancing a checkbook to managing an entire department. No matter the size of the business, however, they all need accountants. Accounting is simply handling the numbers of a business; that can include inventory and sales, but usually it is limited to payments and taxes. Every business needs an accounting department because every business deals in a lot of numbers. The inventory, sales, taxes, expenses, and much more are all in the purview of an accountant. Every business has at least a few of these expenses.If you enrol in an accounting course in Malaysia, you can make yourself very attractive to potential employers.

There are niche markets that need different kinds of skills, and you could find a lot of success pursuing one of them; however, if you want to be universally appealing, you should take an accounting course. This will not limit you to any one particular business or business field.

Globalised Need

In addition to being attractive to essentially all businesses in Malaysia, accounting makes you attractive to companies all over the world. The universal demand is due two things: every company requires accountants, and numbers don’t change. The language in Malaysia is different than the languages in Morocco or Mumbai. However, the math is the same. When you add numbers, calculate sales, and figure percentages, they are the exact same all over the world. Math is a universal language; therefore, anyone who speaks it will be highly sought-after all over the world. You can get your training in Malaysia and work in a great job there; also, it will make you prepared for jobs of all different kinds anywhere that you wish to live.

If you are going to look for a new job or even your very first job, you should consider developing skills that businesses are looking for, as opposed to looking for businesses that want what skills you may have. Accounting is a skill that businesses need. It is also a skill that you can learn and translate anywhere. If you learn accounting in Malaysia, it will be applicable all over the world.


A Detail of Grade Buddy Review Study Guide

Grade Buddy is an online learning platform where students can find high quality study guides and lecture notes for studying. They also provide flashcards and conduct practicals exams which supplement the learning experience as a whole. Their lectures are especially helpful for students who tend to learn better with lectures that involve visual and auditory parts.

Services they offer-

Grade Buddy helps students to study smarter by improving their learning efficiency. They offer the following services –

  • Subscription Courses –These include lecture notes and study guides taken byin-class note takers. You can avail them at a subscription.
  • Course Packets– These Premium Course Packets include a complete set of study guides and notes that are organized and bundled together to give you a detailed review of your course.
  • Study Documents– These are individual lecture notes, study guides and practical exams related to your courses which have been uploaded by a person who took your class previously.
  • Flashcards– Here they offer a fast and simple way to create flashcards for free. You can even save you notes here and access them all in one place.

Subscription Details –

Grade Buddy offers two course subscription services. They are as follows –

1.Notes & Study Guides Courses These include notes for every lecture along with study guides that have been created by an in-class note-taker. You will get the study guide before exams.

2.Study Guides Courses– These only include the study guides created by an in-class note-taker which you will receive before exams.

You will get access to everything from the beginning of semester whenever you purchase your subscription.

How it works?

An in-class note taker uploads every lecture within 1-2 days of compiling them properly. The study guides are uploaded about 1-2 before exams. To maintain a high qualification standard each note taker is reviewed, interviewed and then approved. Subscribers get their notes within 48 hours after each lecture. Every note uploaded by note takers are reviewed to meet quality standards before they become available online.

You can preview each note before purchasing. You can even purchase single lecture notes and study guides without having to pay for the whole subscription package. However, due to piracy concerns you can’t download or share them with your friends.

Cost of Packages-

  • Notes & Study Guides Subscriptions – $36.95
  • Study Guide Subscriptions – $32.95

If you are not happy with your purchase you can request for a refund.

Premium Membership –

Grade Buddy also offers a Premium Membership package where you can get exclusive access to all of their best study materials. Upgrading to Premium Membership package will give you unlimited access to –

  • Course Packets
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They are offered in the following packages –

  • 1 Month- $29.95
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Grade buddy also has a credit system in place which you can use to earn free credits and purchase a Premium Membership.

You can earn free credits in the following ways –

  1. Uploading your best study materials – Your documents will be reviewed within 48 hours by an editor and you will earn Grade Buddy credits depending on their quality.
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Conclusion –

Grade Buddy offers an innovative way for students to study and enjoy learning at the same time. Their subscription and premium packages definitely brings something new to the table. Apart from the fact that you can’t download the lectures, I don’t think they have any cons. In fact, it’s not a con when you think about it reasonably. The best part is that you can earn a Premium Membership by sharing your knowledge with the community and if you don’t like what they have to offer you can request a refund . If you are serious about learning in a more fun and engaging way you should definitely give Grade Buddy a try.