8 Ways to Make Your Campus Accommodation Feel Like Home

Make Your Campus Accommodation Feel Like Home

The experience of moving away from home for university and starting your journey is often exciting and exhilarating. However, some may also feel a little homesick due to being unfamiliar and surrounded by new people.

Whether you are one of these homesick individuals or not, you will find that adding some personal touches to your dorm room will make it much cozier and home-like.

Add Some Rugs

One of the easiest ways to make any space feel much cozier and warmer is by adding a rug or two to your room.

Add some fluffy rugs near your bed or at your sitting area to add some comfort and warmth to your room.

Choose colours or patterns that can help enhance your doom room’s liveliness or start with dark colours which can mask the appearance of dirt if you are not sure how to start.

Decorate with Wall Arts

Personalize your room with artwork, photographs, or any other type of wall decoration to make your room a little more ‘you’.

Decorate your room walls with posters or artwork from your favourite movies and artists. You can also add your artwork into this collection. Photo collages work great for this purpose.

Set the Mood with Houseplants

Not only do houseplants work as comfortable additions to any room, but they also help to add some colours into your dorm and freshen the air.

Studies have also reported how houseplants in a study space can improve productivity, concentration, and reduce stress levels. Just remember to take good care of these houseplants to keep them alive.

Prioritize Bed Comfort

It is hard to make any new room feel like home when you can’t even sleep comfortably. Some accommodations come with their own mattresses and bedding, while others do not.

In any case, invest in a comfortable pillow which you can rest on comfortably every night. You will fall asleep much faster and find it easier to grow into your new university life. Memory foam pillows will work great, but so will pillows that you are already using at home.

Bring Some Items from Home

The easiest way to make your room feel like home is to bring some familiar items from home, which you know can bring you comfort.

Bring a plush toy or two, your favourite blanket, or any other similar items. Remember not to bring too many items, though.

You will want to save some space for new items. As you decorate your space with new items and mementos, you will soon have a space of your own, personalised to your liking.

Collaborate with Roommate

If you’re sharing your accommodation with another roommate, you can share and coordinate the space decoration idea together to create a complete look.

After all, it might be weird if only your corner in the dorm is decorated, while the rest of the room is left without any decoration.

If your roommate is up for it, you can then create a cozy living space together. This collaboration would also save time and make it easier to decorate for festive seasons together.

Decorate with Photos

What better way to bring your memories with you than by bringing along some photos of your cherished memories from the past?

Print out some photos that you have with your best friends, family members, or any other loved ones with whom the memories you cherish.

You can also print these photos on canvas materials and arrange them in any shape you want. Alternatively, try pinning these photos on a corkboard, or hanging them up by decorative pegs on string lights.

Add Some Scents

Scents are strongly linked to our memories and emotions, which is why it might be a good idea to bring some essential oils and an air freshener diffuser to add into your room.

You may want to check with your roommates if they are okay with the new scent as well, since some people may be sensitive to smells in general.

For starters, try adding scents such as lavender or chamomile to boost relaxation.