A Detail of Grade Buddy Review Study Guide


Grade Buddy is an online learning platform where students can find high quality study guides and lecture notes for studying. They also provide flashcards and conduct practicals exams which supplement the learning experience as a whole. Their lectures are especially helpful for students who tend to learn better with lectures that involve visual and auditory parts.

Services they offer-

Grade Buddy helps students to study smarter by improving their learning efficiency. They offer the following services –

  • Subscription Courses –These include lecture notes and study guides taken byin-class note takers. You can avail them at a subscription.
  • Course Packets– These Premium Course Packets include a complete set of study guides and notes that are organized and bundled together to give you a detailed review of your course.
  • Study Documents– These are individual lecture notes, study guides and practical exams related to your courses which have been uploaded by a person who took your class previously.
  • Flashcards– Here they offer a fast and simple way to create flashcards for free. You can even save you notes here and access them all in one place.

Subscription Details –

Grade Buddy offers two course subscription services. They are as follows –

1.Notes & Study Guides Courses These include notes for every lecture along with study guides that have been created by an in-class note-taker. You will get the study guide before exams.

2.Study Guides Courses– These only include the study guides created by an in-class note-taker which you will receive before exams.

You will get access to everything from the beginning of semester whenever you purchase your subscription.

How it works?

An in-class note taker uploads every lecture within 1-2 days of compiling them properly. The study guides are uploaded about 1-2 before exams. To maintain a high qualification standard each note taker is reviewed, interviewed and then approved. Subscribers get their notes within 48 hours after each lecture. Every note uploaded by note takers are reviewed to meet quality standards before they become available online.

You can preview each note before purchasing. You can even purchase single lecture notes and study guides without having to pay for the whole subscription package. However, due to piracy concerns you can’t download or share them with your friends.

Cost of Packages-

  • Notes & Study Guides Subscriptions – $36.95
  • Study Guide Subscriptions – $32.95

If you are not happy with your purchase you can request for a refund.

Premium Membership –

Grade Buddy also offers a Premium Membership package where you can get exclusive access to all of their best study materials. Upgrading to Premium Membership package will give you unlimited access to –

  • Course Packets
  • Study Documents
  • Complete access on your mobile devices and tablets

They are offered in the following packages –

  • 1 Month- $29.95
  • 3 Months- $45.95
  • 12 Months- $71.40

Grade buddy also has a credit system in place which you can use to earn free credits and purchase a Premium Membership.

You can earn free credits in the following ways –

  1. Uploading your best study materials – Your documents will be reviewed within 48 hours by an editor and you will earn Grade Buddy credits depending on their quality.
  2. Inviting your friends – You can earn 200 credits for every friend that joins Grade Buddy through your invitation link.

Conclusion –

Grade Buddy offers an innovative way for students to study and enjoy learning at the same time. Their subscription and premium packages definitely brings something new to the table. Apart from the fact that you can’t download the lectures, I don’t think they have any cons. In fact, it’s not a con when you think about it reasonably. The best part is that you can earn a Premium Membership by sharing your knowledge with the community and if you don’t like what they have to offer you can request a refund . If you are serious about learning in a more fun and engaging way you should definitely give Grade Buddy a try.