Build your Dream Career in Architecture


In India, the real estate and construction industry is observing a positive boom. The focus has now shifted from just fundamental functionality to comfort, aesthetics, style and luxury. Thus, the demand for good and seasoned architects from the top architecture colleges in India is also on the rise. Architecture engages planning and designing of buildings and other structures. A good and experienced architect can create marvels, which remain as a statement of his talent for ages. Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, Burj Khalifa, and several others like these are masterworks of ancient and contemporary architecture. Nowadays, architects require combining their vision and dreams with materials to come up with buildings and structures that are high quality, with good functionality.

Architects are needed to design different kinds of structures like apartments, houses and colonies, commercial and shopping complexes, industrial and offices complexes, hotels, airport terminals, hospitals, schools etc. They are also needed, if a building has to be repaired/ renovated. Therefore, the demand for architects will never go down.

All those who are seeking to pursue their career in this field have to keep a few things in mind. Preferably, students, who are good at mathematics and physics, are better suitable to study or pursue career in architecture. To become a professional architect, one should have capacity to think out of the box and creativity with an interest in designing. It is helpful if one can also draw or sketch with a free hand. One should be environmentally and socially aware apart from being mathematically and technically sound to become a professional and good architect. Of course, physical ability to work on the site, good communication skills, high concentration level, patience, flexibility, team spirit, responsibility can take one a long way in this domain.

There are good degree courses in architecture offered by best architecture colleges in India. To apply for an architecture course, one must have completed higher secondary education with chemistry, physics and mathematics, with at least 60 percent marks. Most of the institutions organize entrance examinations through national and state level examinations. For entry to undergraduate programmes in government and private institutes, national level entrance examination is conducted by the Council of Architecture. However, there are different state level examinations too, such as one conducted by different states for the students, who want to take admission in architecture program.

Bachelor’s of Architecture is a 5-year program. After the graduation program, one can also study architecture at the postgraduate level, which varies from 18 months to 2 years.

There are several good institutes like Jindal School of Arts and Architecture, which offer degree courses in architecture.