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Pros And Cons Of Homework For Children Aged 5-11

There has been an age old debate as to whether or not young children should be assigned schoolwork to take and complete at home. While there are many parents that are for the idea of homework, there are others who are against it. Both sides have their reasons and they both make some very valid points, but who is right? To understand the argument for homework and the argument against it, we are going to have to take a look at some of the pros and cons of each side and see which side you are on.

The Pros

  • Homework enables families to come together in an effort to help their child understand the assignment and give them the assistance they need to complete it.
  • Homework can prepare students for tests where they won’t have the assistance of their teacher and they will have to complete the test on their own based on their knowledge. This is knowledge they gain from completing homework assignments.
  • Homework enables students to develop responsibility. Knowing that their homework is due on a specific day and that they have a certain amount of time to complete it, can help them develop a better sense of responsibility.
  • Homework enables parents to see what their children are learning and how they are being educated.

The Cons

  • Children need time after school to decompress and to relax without being pressured into doing more schoolwork. Children’s brains need time to refresh if they are to develop properly.
  • Homework reduces the amount of time that children spend with their families. This can mean any problems the child is dealing with can go unnoticed and lead to something major.
  • Homework can lead to conflict between children and their parents. The child might not want to do their homework, but the parents want them to do it right away after school which can lead to arguing and resistance.
  • Homework can encourage cheating, especially is the child is assigned too much of it. Some children will do their homework together which can lead to copying off one another in an effort to finish it sooner.

How you can help your child with their homework

If your child is struggling with their homework and having difficulty learning assignments in class, private tuition could be the answer. Hiring a tutor to provide your child with the additional teaching they need can increase their grades and their confidence as well.

Learn More

To learn more about private tuition in London and how maths and English tuition can benefit your child, contact inTuition Clubs, a purpose built learning environment designed to support and inspire today’s students.

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Tips for Preparation of JEE Advanced Exam

A dilemma many students of the JEE advanced exam face is that they do not have proper guidelines to help them with their exams. They have doubts and concerns about the timetable, syllabus of the exam, the structure of the papers, their strategy to tackle the pressures of the exam etc. So let us help you a helping hand. In this article, we will focus on some important tips for the preparation of JEE Advanced Exam.

Table of Content

1 Determination is Key!
2 Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus
3 Study Smarter
4 Choose the correct Study Material
5 Concept Learning to the Rescue
6 Keep Track of your Progress

Determination is Key!

Preparation for the JEE advanced exam is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It is a long road of preparation, revision, tests and mental concentration. So it is very important that you keep your focus and determination throughout this journey.

Many students lose their focus midway and make life more difficult for themselves. It is only natural for your interest and focus to ebb and flow in the coming months of studying. However, the most important thing is to never lose sight of the final destination. This will help you stay determined and focused, keep your rhythm going. A well-planned timetable and a day to day routine help in this task.

Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus

Even before you begin your actual studying, familiarize yourself with the syllabus of the JEE Advanced Exam. So before gathering your books and study materials first look up the updated syllabus of the exam. Once you have the syllabus with you, you can start planning for your preparation.

Without studying the syllabus beforehand, there will be a lot of confusion about where to begin your preparation process. This will only demotivate you further. Another useful tip is to always keep a list of important topics at hand or on display. So you can keep checking your progress and reminding yourself on the topics still left to study.

Study Smarter!

We all know that hard work plays a very important role in the preparation for the JEE advanced exam. There is no chance of success without hard work, focus, and commitment. But one thing people do not grasp is that only hard work is not sufficient. Students also need to learn how to study smart.

So students need to pair up hard work with smart preparation. This includes advance studying techniques, efficient time management, taking strategic breaks, timely revisions and reviews, investing time in tests, refining your core concepts and fundamentals etc.

Students must stop measuring their progress through the number of hours they studied. It is about the quality of studying and the concentration involved. This is what truly makes a difference in the preparation for JEE advanced exam.

Choose the correct Study Material

One point where most student falters is the selection of the best study material from a large number of options available it the market these days. Obviously, there is the syllabus and material available from NCERT which is very useful. But this must be supplemented with other materials.

Keep in mind there is one textbook or book which will fulfil by itself. You must refer to a variety of books to cover the entire syllabus thoroughly. The format and prose of every book is different, so choose one that suits you the best.

Concept Learning to the Rescue

As you know, the JEE advanced exam is mostly based on concepts and fundamentals. So only rote and theoretical learning will not help you in cracking this exam. For this exam, all your core concepts and fundamentals should be extremely clear and well understood. And more importantly, you should be able to apply these concepts to solve the questions and problems in front of you.

So if you are in the habit of mugging up your information or if you rely majorly on rote learning, to crack the JEE advanced exam you will have to drastically change your learning style. Adopt some new and innovative studying techniques (like mind maps, mnemonics etc.) to teach yourself concepts. And then work towards learning to apply these concepts to solve more practical questions.

Keep Track of your Progress

If you ask experts, teachers, past toppers of the JEE advanced exam they all have more common advice- keep testing yourself. Reviewing your progress from time to time is a great way to gain confidence and also strengthen any weaknesses you may have. So solving practice tests, mock tests, past papers, revision exams etc. is a key to success in clearing your JEE advanced exam.

One mistake that students often make is that they leave this step for the last few days before the exam. But by then it might be too late to correct your mistakes, relearn your concepts or strengthen your weaknesses. Instead, if you review your progress from time to time, it is a better studying technique. Solving practice questions and revisions tests will help you monitor your progress.

Another advantage of solving past year papers and mock tests are that it familiarizes you with the format of the exam. It will put the students in a simulated exam situation. So they will get an experience of how the answer sheet looks like, the details they need to fill etc. It will also teach them to manage their time during the exam. This is a very important factor, as many students often complain of running out of time during the exams.


Now that you have some basic guidelines and tips for the preparation for the JEE advanced exam, so forth and give it your best efforts. Remember that while the exam promises to be a tough challenge, it is not impossible to crack. Remove any self-doubt you may have and give it your very best shot. We hope that the above tips will prove helpful to you and wish you very best for your preparations!


How Is Technology Assisting In Teaching And Learning

The world is witnessing new opportunities to embrace technology in the classrooms. Certain personnel has already begun their pursuit of creating a virtual course which runs exclusively due to the internet. Integrating computer interaction within classroom activities is the future of learning. Below we will be seeing a few observations about how the use of technology is challenging the teachers as well as the students.

The effective use of technology is said to have the potential to transform the student-teacher relationship to a new level. This might require a small investment that could dramatically increase the effectiveness if it is done right. Just by finding out ways to fix the loopholes to be avoided, the system can be tailored to increase effectiveness and also making the faculty more effective.

Introduction to technology utilizes fundamental principles of learning maths and science subjects. Web-based technology, simulations, slides, interactive CBSE sample papers for class 12, tutoring, and homework materials has the potential to benefit students and faculty in all the regions of the curriculum because part of the research involves determining which technological tool best encourages learning.

Physical facilities are also vital. Having the technology under control is important but other factors such as ensuring the classroom’s physical design support the best possible use of technology along with additional faculty support are extremely necessary for assisting students to use technology in a way that equips them for using it in the future classrooms.

There are either books that tend to be too easy or difficult or just broad enough in scope, placing lecture notes on the web will allow the students to spend more time focused on the lectures and lesser time copying formulas from the board. One challenge is teaching advanced concepts from CBSE sample papers for class 10 which can be solved by incorporating computers into class discussions which can make difficult topics much easier to grasp.

Let’s use the modern methods that have been developing in the learning maths, science, and technology and take a look at the world from an entirely new point of view. These technical and academic changes focus on personalizing and connecting the learners to the real world. Check out the future of learning on BYJU’S and subscribe to its YouTube channel.


Seeking the Right Nursery School: What You Should Know

Early development and learning enable children to excel throughout their lives. That is why you need to make sure that the nursery school you choose will promote a positive learning experience. By encouraging early learning, you will develop your child’s talents as well as his or her confidence. This type of confidence enables children to continue to learn and grow during their lives.

How to Make a Selection for a Nursery and Pre-School

When you make a selection for a local nursery in Lincoln, you need to consider the following:

  • What facilities are available for babies? Is the baby room relaxed and homely? Will it serve as a home away from home?
  • Are the areas for toddlers or two- and three-year-olds homely and friendly? Will children feel welcome in the environment? Are rooms provided for creative play and developmental activities?
  • What pre-school programmes are featured? Are children taught to think independently as well as to share? Is learning focused on specific areas? How does the outdoor playground look? Are there woods around the site?
  • Does the nursery provide cooked lunches for the children? Is a light tea featured as well?

Carefully Review Your Choices

Take time to review the above list carefully. What you choose in a nursery and pre-school should delight your child as much as it does you. Otherwise, you may feel concern. You should be on the same page with your child when it comes to a nursery and pre-school selection. Not only will you have to visit the school’s website but make an on-site visit too.


Features Which An Efficient School Can Deliver For Children

Every school is expected to deliver an overall education to children. Education does not only mean studying books to know some facts. It takes a lot more to really educate a child as the little one can come to know about the values of life. The special needs academy Cheshire always looks forward to developing each child socially, morally, and spiritually.

All the above aspects are important in the proper educational upbringing of the child. Education can really have a value if the following features are well maintained in a school. In a long way when a child turns into an adult the following aspects will carry a lot of importance.

Developing Principles

A school should always impose knowledge of the principles of life in every pupil’s brain. The principles learned in the school forever remains in the mind of a child. If the school provides a good education on the values and principles of life, the child can become a responsible citizen of the country in the future.

A wide spectrum of Education in balance

Every child deserves to learn and the schools should always look forward to delivering the needful knowledge about every subject. The syllabus of the school should cover subjects related to language, science, and mathematics. Balance is, however, a vital aspect in the case of education. A good school always keeps in mind that the balance is always up in education. A balanced education is good for the child too. It helps the pupil to grasp every bit of knowledge in lesser time. Moreover, each pupil can retain the facts in their minds for a longer period of time.

An interactive and personalised way of teaching

A good teacher should always try to interact with the students. The teachers at the special needs academy Cheshire always promote interactive studying. It helps the students take studies as a matter of conversation and not anything to just memorise.

Personalised education is another most vital thing which a good school always keeps in mind. The learning capacity of each child is variable and the interests to differ from one another. Most teachers should always keep this fact in mind. An efficient school always keep the teacher-student ratio in smaller sums. A teacher can get more time to concentrate on a particular student for a longer period of time.


Only studies cannot help a child excel in life. A good school always tries to develop the co-curricular aspects of a child.

So these are some features which every good school should follow to educate the children.


Services Offered by a Security Training Company

Security training is essential for people who are seeking careers in the field of physical intervention or want to become security guards. The responsibility on the shoulders of a security guard is considerably high; they are in charge of very sensitive buildings and access locations, which is why it’s important that a security guard must always be present on the premises to take care of any problems. There are many security training companies that offer a range of services and training courses to individuals. Some of these include:

  • Physical intervention refresher courses
  • CCTV operator courses
  • Security guard training courses

If you want to approach an expert security training company in Birmingham, there are several options available to you. There are many different paths available to you so you need to make sure that you choose a suitable option. Here are some of the many different services that these training companies offer.

One-on-One Training

Many of the courses offered by security training companies now focus on one-on-one training. These courses are designed to help improve a person’s training and hone his or her skills in a better manner.

Modern Advancements

Another reason why you should contact a security company is to learn more about the different advancements that have been made in the field of modern security. This is important as it helps companies and professionals in boosting the safety and security of the place. These are a few things that you should know about the services offered by security training companies.


3 Useful Tips for Career Success as a Registered Nurse

One of the most important pillars of society is healthcare. Without it, people’s life expectancy would likely dramatically plummet and so would their quality of life. There are numerous careers within the healthcare sector, and each has their own unique contribution. One of them is that of a registered nurse, which is one that’s often in high demand all over the world. You may currently be in school studying to become a nurse or looking for ways to further your career if you’ve already begun practicing. On that note, you’re going to find three useful tips for career success as a registered nurse in the following article.

Develop Strong Communication Skills

Aside from needing the right qualifications and education, communication skills are a must when it comes to success as a registered nurse. The reality is that you’re going to be working with people from different walks of life on a daily basis, so being able to connect and relate with them as a nurse is key. To improve your communication skills, you can begin by learning to communicate directly and clearly. Active listening is also important as well as an ability to pick up on non-verbal communication. It’s also important to remember that healthcare settings can be fast-paced so being both patient and assertive is important to avoid miscommunication.

Become an APRN

If you want to be a successful registered nurse, it’s imperative that you continuously challenge yourself. This means looking for ways to progress your career and take on more challenging positions. For instance, you could decide to take the CRNA Boards so that you could become an advanced practice registered nurse and administer anesthesia amongst other medications. In order to ensure that you pass your exams with flying colors, taking a review course with Valley Anesthesia may be a good idea. In addition to taking an exam, doing a masters or doctorate degree could also equip you with the knowledge and education that you need to excel in your career path.

Never Stop Networking

No matter what sector you happen to be in, the right network is essential. This is because many times, opportunities come through people that you know, so fostering your relationships is key. In light of this, learning not to get complacent and always looking to make new connections as well as updating your knowledge is key. You could consider going to networking events tailored to people in the healthcare industry as often as possible. When networking at events, remember to share your passion and give other people you talk to a chance to do the same. Additionally, following up is key as that’s how relationships are formed.

Deciding to become a registered nurse is one that could bring great joy and satisfaction. Knowing that you can use your skills to better people’s lives can be something that you’ll likely be proud of. However, the journey there is often paved with hard work and dedication. Hopefully, you’ve found the tips for career success as a registered nurse in the above article somewhat useful.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism is a threat which affects individuals from diverse walks of life. Plagiarism is corresponding to dishonesty and deception. Stealing individuals’ ideas and thoughts is a misdeed, which is as terrible as pilfering anything else. The persons like writers, biographers and researchers spend a lot of time, endeavour and capital in writing a piece of editorial, or publishing a manuscript or an investigation paper. This is why, it is a gigantic misdeed when people replicate them without giving due recognition to the novel creator. Thanks to the development of knowledge, we have some tools that can facilitate us in fighting this troublemaker.

In nowadays world, it is crucial to protect your rational property rights. Also, when you build the content of your website or put in writing any article, you should check that you get the due acknowledgment for your firm work. A plagiarism checker can assist you to find out if the content produced by you has been unoriginal, and reproduced without taking your authorisation. For instance, if you have just posted an article which is able to make a lot of traffic, by means of a plagiarism detector, you can settle on if anyone else has copied that piece of writing without giving owing credits to you.

You can with no trouble find a plagiarism checker over the web. Just the once you establish a tool that is best well-matched to meet your requirements, you will necessitate to use the search attribute of the tool, to find out if the content of your website (or articles, research article etc.) have been copied. Most of the plagiarism detectors obtainable in the marketplace are quite comprehensible, and you will not have any complicatedness in utilising. On the other hand, you may call for to pay a certain amount of payment for utilising the tool. Not all the plagiarism detector tools are obtainable online for free of charge.

As there are a lot of plagiarism detector tools existing in the marketplace, you will necessitate choosing the one which is very useful. It should be competent to offer you with reliable performance, and its codes should also be efficient so that it can easily notice unoriginal content. Also, if you are not eager to spend a lot of funds on read-through for plagiarism, you can decide on a good quality plagiarism detector which is available for free of charge on the web.

Just the once your document is compared to others by means of plagiarism checker software, you should get an online plagiarism details. This information will probably show how your details compares to other written work found online. Some companies even provide a percentage so you know exactly how much of the paper was in use from other springs. With online plagiarism all over the web, anybody who works with unique written material must have a means to test out for plagiarism. In view of the fact that no one can be anticipated to read and remember the whole thing ever published, it’s an excellent idea to locate a company that tenders plagiarism checking software.

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A Great Nursery is Not at All Difficult to Find

If you have a job, you already know how important it is to find proper day care for your children, but the good news is that the ones available nowadays are strictly regulated, and, therefore, they are facilities your children will love. These facilities are staffed with people who love children, and they also concentrate on providing the right activities to help your children grow and thrive.

Providing the Advantages You Deserve

A day-care centre offers advantages that include:

  • Children from six weeks to 12 years of age
  • Before- and after-school care
  • Lots of educational activities
  • Time spent outdoors every day
  • Low student-teacher ratios

In fact, a competent and experienced nursery in Aberdeen provides attention to your children that is unlike what you may think it is, enabling you to feel confident when you leave your children in their care. Your children will be happy there, which leaves you with the peace of mind that you need to do your job well during the day.

All Types of Activities for Your Children to Enjoy

The day-care facilities around nowadays have educational toys, games that teach them social and learning skills, nutritional meals, and most importantly, wonderful teachers who care about their well-being. They can ride bikes, learn about nature, and explore different worlds through their imagination, and best of all, the facilities that offer all this won’t charge a fortune for their services, which means you won’t have to spend half your paycheck just on day-care. Visiting them in-person or online is a great start if you’re looking for one of these facilities, and when you find one, you’ll feel a lot better about your child’s future.

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How To Know If Your Source Is Reliable

Finding a reliable source for an essay or a dissertation can be difficult and with multiple, unreliable sources available to view online, it’s becoming more crucial than ever to ensure that you are taking your time to obtain the information you need. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how you can identify whether or not a source is reliable from the date it was published to the reputation of the site.


When looking for a reliable resource, it’s important to look at the reputation of the site or the company that has provided this information. A good example of this is Wikipedia. Even though Wikipedia can be incredibly helpful at times, it does have an unreliable reputation. This is because users from across the globe are able to log in and amend the information, affecting the accuracy of the copy on the page. However, with publications such as The Ancient History Encyclopaedia, you can rest assured that all the information about ancient history is obtained from a credible source. You can be sure of this because the publication has been recommended by a number of large educational institutions include the likes of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Oxford University and MERLOT.

Date Published

It’s also important to look at the date the blog or article was published, as this can have a profound effect on the credibility of the information. While articles published a few months ago may not set your alarm bells ringing, they should. In a world that is ever-changing, data changes on a daily basis and so you can never be too sure about what you read. As a result, it’s important to find a relatively new blog or article to extract the information you require from. This can help ensure that your piece is as accurate as possible. Essentially, the more up-to-date the resource is, the more reliable it is likely to be.


Depending on where you are sourcing your information, it’s important to be aware of any potential bias that may be present in the content. If the information seems very one-sided towards a particular figure or aspect, then it may be beneficial to reference it as a bias source and search for a resource that is far more impartial. Not only will this allow you to showcase awareness of the resources that you have found, but it also proves that you are reading the information carefully and have the ability to form your own decisions.

Use Multiple Resources

When looking for resources that are reliable, it’s important to ensure that you use multiple sources in order to get a well-rounded and unbiased view of the topic that you are researching. Not only will this provide you with a better understanding of the chosen topic, but it can help ensure that you have all the information you need in order to get started. The credibility of the source is the most crucial aspect of getting the most accurate information possible and even though finding a credible source can be a time-consuming process, it will certainly benefit you and your grade in the long term.

With all this in mind, the credibility of a source is something that should never be compromised, regardless of how restricted for time you may be. Happy searching!