Online Education

Tips in Finding Affordable Online Education

Virtual universities are comparable with the normal colleges and universities in all aspects, including the fact that there are some that offer affordable online education rates while some have very expensive fees. Thus, one has to be equipped with the proper resources and knowledge in order to find the most affordable online education that one can avail of. This may take some time to figure out, and several search results to study and deal with, but once you have identified the best choice, all the effort you have put into the search will definitely be well worth it

The field of study or course that one wants to take is one of the major considerations in looking for an affordable online education program. Courses that are in demand will have a tendency to charge higher rates compared to other courses. However, there is also a possibility that people are not choosing the low demand courses because it is difficult to find a job that is related to that particular course. Thus, in searching for affordable online education programs, one needs to have a list of possible courses to choose from, and identify which among the list can present higher chances of getting a better job in the future.

Once the specific course or field of study is identified, the next thing that one should consider is the rates that each university or college charges. One can refer to the rates being offered by community colleges in order to find affordable online education schools and universities. There are several websites that compile a list of the rates of different schools based on a specific course or degree. It is also important to note that the price per unit is not enough to say that a university is offering affordable online education. One also has to take the time to look at miscellaneous or other fees that need to be paid in order to enroll for a specific course.

Finding affordable online education programs may seem to be an endless process, but one needs to have enough patience and determination in order to get not just the cheapest rates, but also be able to get the most value out of his money. It can be easy to find an affordable online education program, but without adequate knowledge and research, one may end up paying for something that will not be useful in the future, or something that just looks affordable, but turns out to be very expensive because of the hidden charges. Thus, one has to be able to pick the best and most affordable deal out of hundreds of schools and courses to choose from.

Online Education

Launch of Online Education for Creative Entrepreneurs

Online training provider, Engage, launched free live training for creative entrepreneurs by world-class educators at the Innovation Centre in Derry~Londonderry today, 19 February. Engage has been developed to help people follow their passion and will offer classes in the areas of photography, videography, cinematography, art, design, music, crafts and business. These workshops are free to watch live via the Engage website with the option to purchase a download of the course if missed or if people would like to re-watch.

Founder Donal Doherty comes from a background in marketing and PR before changing career five years ago to become a photographer. When developing his business he listened to the experts and they have helped him to create a market leading photography studio. While he loved watching live workshops it was difficult to participate due to the time difference and sometimes the content shared was not 100% relevant to his business. Donal knew that some of the best trainers he’d heard from are based in Europe and wished there was a world-wide resource that blended their ideas and strategies with those of their US counterparts. So two years ago he began working to bring those experts together to help people to succeed in their creative businesses.

The expansion of Engage signifies a significant investment and the company hopes to crowd source the funding on Kickstarter for the developments. With an initial target of £15,000 the company hopes to far exceed this amount raised to cover some of the productions costs – the video, audio, live-chat and technical team.

Donal is excited to launch the new format and he explains what’s in store:

“We will offer thousands of people around the world a chance to learn from leading educators for free and to interact and shape the learning experience live. People can also apply to be in the in-person studio audience and we’ll have both delegates and trainers flying in from around the world for the courses. To an extent this all rests on the success of our Kickstarter campaign which we hope will fund 16 courses in 2015, with the plan to offer a course each week in 2016. Not only will this help us to create employment in the local economy, but we’re hoping to be part of the sea change of native digital companies accessing global markets.”